$5 Meal Plan

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Meal Planning is such a hard thing for us sometimes.  Between coming up with new ideas, the “what do you want for dinner” fights, and keeping on budget…meal planning can be super tough.  Then you go grocery shopping and go to cook something each night, only to realize you are missing that one little ingredient…back to the store you go.

Add that to the fact that I personally grew up with 7 people in my household, and now I cook for 1 or 2 people, but still have enough for 7 people!

But we found the perfect solution, and we love them SO SO much!  It’s called the $5 Meal Plan!

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There are tons of meal plans out there, but we haven’t found one quite like this.  Not only do you get meal ideas and recipes for every day of the week, but you get a laid out, easy to follow shopping list, and every meal costs $2 or less a person.

This is such a great plan if you:

-Have a tough time coming up with new ideas for meals

-Are tired of playing the “what do you want for dinner” game…”IDK!”

-Have a hard time sticking to a budget trying to plan family meals.

-Arent that great of a cook, or can’t come up with recipes on your own.

-Are super busy, and meal planning just gets tiring.

There’s a plan for everyone!

Every week, you are emailed the new week of food, including the following:

And guess what?! It’s ONLY $5 A MONTH!!

You thought we were going to say a week, didn’t you!

And these meals are absolutely delicious!  We love trying the different meals we aren’t use to, and are having fun cooking again.  And if there’s a meal scheduled that we don’t like, we just skip it.  We go back and forth from week to week, and pick what sounds good.  You don’t have to stick to a schedule or have what they are suggesting…just pick and choose what you like.

But that’s not even the best part…

You can get a Free 14-day trial just by clicking HERE!

BUT…the free 14-day trial is limited to a certain number of freebies, so hurry and get yours now!

You will need to add your credit card number to get the trial…if you are satisfied, and want to keep going…which we think you will, you don’t have to do anything. If you would like to cancel after the 14 days, then it’s easy to just hit cancel!  No worries!

We absolutely love $5 Meal Plan, and we could not wait to share it with you.

So click HERE to get your 14-day meal plan for FREE!

Have a gluten allergy?  No problem!

$5 Meal Plan has a plan just for you!


But $5 Meal Plan doesn’t stop there!


Are you a busy mom or dad who doesn’t always have time to cook, and you would like healthy and cheaper alternatives to ordering pizza and fast food? Then this plan is for you!

MyFreezEasy, is a freezer meal plan subscription, that will help you prep loads of meals in a short amount of time, helping you save money and time! Win win!

You can see that HERE.

All of the below will be on there!

We are so excited to hear of your experiences with the $5 Meal Plan, so sign up for your

FREE 14-Day trial NOW!

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