5 Ways to Have a Killer Holiday Party

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Want to kill it at your Christmas party this year?  

Here are 5 things sure to make your party a hit! 


1. Great Food!

We all know the holiday season brings about a lot of wonderful goodies.  It starts at Thanksgiving, and doesn’t end until New Years…if you’re lucky!  Our family has to set aside special days to complete all of our baking, we have THAT many goodies to make. The amount of butter and sugar we use, we probably shouldn’t even mention.  

From chocolate covered pretzels, to pecan pies…walnut fudge, and almond rocca…muddy buddies and sugar cookies…No wonder this is the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”

But not all of your goodies have to be full of too much sugar and butter. We like to do “pot-lucks” at our parties, where everyone gets to share their favorite holiday dish. As much as we love sharing our goodies to everyone around, (and will continue to do so), we like to mix it up as well. And this year, we are preparing our Veggie Platters and Boar’s Head Hummus.

Boar’s Head Hummus is also Gluten Free which means our whole family can enjoy!

Boar’s Head Hummus is not just your average hummus, the quality and taste goes above and beyond.  It truly is “Hummus to a higher standard”.  They have so many different flavors to choose from, it took us forever to decide! 

Check them all out HERE!

We love our Boar’s Head Hummus, and can’t wait to try all of their different flavors.

And Boar’s Head has great recipes for you to try out, click HERE to see those now.

2.  Presents!!

We love hosting Gift Exchanges, and depending on the crowd, can help determine which type of exchange to host. 

Secret Santa-

If you are having a family party, do a Secret Santa.

 A few weeks before, write everyones name on a piece of paper, and everyone can pick a name. These names are to remain a secret, and everyone will buy one gift for the person who’s name is written on the paper.  Set a maximum, and exchange gifts at the party!  

Gift Exchange

r you can host a Gift Exchange, where everyone brings a wrapped gift ($10 max, or make your own rules) puts it under the tree, secretly, so no one knows who brought which gift, and pass out numbers to everyone at the party.  Sit around the tree, and call out the numbers starting with 1, and each person gets to either pick a present to unwrap, or “steal” another persons present.  Each present can have a total of 3 owners, and then it is frozen, and the third owner gets to keep it.  (Or make your own house rules, to cater to your audience.)


White Elephant Gift

This is the same idea as the Gift Exchange above, but instead of a regular gift, you get a funny gift or gag gift.  Come up with some unique, funny, or joke gift and wrap it, and add it under the tree.  

3. Music and Movies

What’s a party without entertainment?  And we aren’t talking sitting down and having a schedule for everyone to do something at specific times…but music and movies in the background.  You should have great holiday music in a room as background cheer, and we even like to throw on one of our favorite holiday movies in the other room.  We also like to have I Spy Holiday books around for extra entertainment around the house.  

4.  Games and Activities

Sometimes we like participating in games, or activities during our parties.  Put a cookie decoration station in the corner of another room, or a make your own ornament or gingerbread house as well.  Have things around the house that can add to your party to make it super fun for all. Play a “Pass the Present” game…as the host, grab a present the next time you are at the store, and get to wrapping.  Wrap the present over and over again, adding layers and layers of wrapping paper, to prep for this game.  This game is like the classic “Hot Potato”, where you turn on a song, and have someone stop the music at random times, as everyone passes the gift around.  When the music stops, the person holding the present gets to unwrap a single layer.  Whoever unwraps the last layer, gets to keep the gift! 


5. Friends and Family

It’s obviously not a party without the ones we love.  Whether you choose to do a small family party, or invite everyone you’ve ever met, it’s the people in our lives that help make this season so cheerful, warm, and wonderful.  Be sure to slow down a little and spend some time with the ones you love.  These will be memories you treasure forever! 

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