Active Edge Sleep Bracelet

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Active Edge is a company that makes products to improve wellness and quality of life. We received an Active Edge Bracelet. These bracelets are suppose to help flight inflammation, improve sleep, and increase performance in flexibility, grip strength, balance, and endurance.

Here’s the science of it, that we can’t really say in our own words…

“Active Edge™ products are embedded with our proprietary electromagnetic frequency technology specifically geared to fight inflammation. Medical experts believe that when our product comes into contact with the human body it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. This immediately increases blood flow and reduces inflammation in the joints, while increasing oxygen intake.”

We are pretty skeptical about most extreme claims, so of course we had to try them out for ourselves. We were wowed at the first flexibility test Active Edge has you do, and saw some actual improved results after one minute of wearing the bracelet. We are testing out the sleep claims, but as of pain and increase performance, we would recommend this product right now!

These bracelets are sized according to your wrist, and has 3 holes that can adjust the size a little. It also comes in many different colors.

Check out the bracelets HERE.

We are believers, and can’t wait to see other results we get from this product!

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