AnyPro Humidifier and Diffuser

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AnyPro has a very cute Sparoma Aroma Diffuser thats in the shape of a baby penguin.  This sweet looking diffuser is white with a metal “tip” for the beak, where the aroma comes out.  It works like any essential oil diffuser and is great for the kids room  Now they don’t have to have a boring one. 

It has a “soothing ambient light”  that you can choose 3 different modes of brightness.  It features an auto shut-off, so when the water is used up, it will stay safe and save energy.  

Check out the AnyPro Ultrasonic Diffuser here.

They also have a great humidifier.  

This humidifier features “smart humidification technology” and can send out the cool mist for up to 10 hours.  You can control the setting for a high or low mist, and can even set it on a timer for 1, 3, or 6 hours at a time, before the automatic shut off.  It also has a night light you can turn on if you wanted.  It’s super quiet so it can even be used in the nursery.  

Check out the AnyPro Humidifier here.

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