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AnySharp has a small but mighty knife sharpener that is sure to impress.  

Despite it’s size, it’s really strong and durable.  It has a powerful suction grip that will help mount it to your flat surface, and you can start sharpening any straight or serrated blade. It works quick and is compact, so won’t take up tons of room in your kitchen.  

Check out the Any Sharp line of Sharperners here.

AnySharp 5-in-1 Scissors

These Smart Scissors are said to be the “Worlds Smartest Scissors!” It has so many different uses, including a bottle opener on the side, a nut cracker in between, and is crazy strong that it cuts through the toughest things.  

They are dishwasher safe, for a quick clean, and have a large grip that can be used for both Left Handed and Right Handed users.  It can crush garlic, strip wire, and even cut meat and bone.  This will be “the only pair of scissors you’ll ever need.”  

Check out the
AnySharp 5-in-1 scissors here.

AnySharp Mini Chopper

They also have a mini chopper that is great for chopping your smaller ingredients like garlic, peppers, nuts, etc.  

Just place the food on a flat surface, put the mini chopper on top, and press down a few times until you get the desired size.  Then, throw it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Check out the
AnySharp Mini Chopper here.

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