Are you ever at the beach and have to have someone sitting by all the stuff to keep safe instead of heading out to the water for some fun?  Well, no more with AquaVault. 

AquaVault has created safes for your valuables while you’re out on vacation.  They have a portable safe that is great for so many different places.  

It comes with a combo lock, and a zipper to close inside.  They can be placed safely and securely around a chair, umbrella, etc. 

Keep your valuables safe at the beach or on vacation with this FlexSafe by AquaVault.

And since we’re speaking of oceans….AquaVault was even featured on Shark Tank!  These Sharks know a good deal when they see them. 

Check out the FlexSafe by AquaVault here.

Don’t want to leave your phone on the beach, or would love to get some great pictures?  AquaVault also has an awesome waterproof case that can fit most phones. 

Simply place your phone inside the pouch and seal.  Then you can get great pictures and video even while in the water.  And it floats! 

Check out the AquaVault Waterproof Phone Case here.

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