Living in a 3D world with the AtmosFlare 3D Pen

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*These companies were gracious enough to send us these products for free for our review.  As always, all opinions are our own, and we really do think these will be great gifts to give your loved ones.

The world is full of 3D now. From 3D movies, to 3D rides, now they even have pens that you can create 3D objects! No need to stick to the linear pen and paper, these 3D Pens are the coolest thing, and we think a perfect gift for your artsy loved ones. It’s called the AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen.

The AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen comes with 2 different inks, Blue and Red, and you can purchase many other refillable colors as well.

There is no limit to what you can create. It’s definitely more of a new art form and not just a craft, so it takes practice. But that’s the fun part! The awesome thing about RedWood Ventures is they offer free online courses that you can take at

So here are our thoughts…

We love the fact that AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pens are so unique and can create pretty much all that you can imagine. You use the pen without the light when you are tracing or drawing a flat line, and then use the light on the pen to help dry the ink. If you are doing anything other than on the surface/base, you draw with the light on.

It kind of looks how a glue gun looks, with the ink coming out of the pen. But it solidifies in mid-air with the light. It’s super cool. You have to go slow, and take your time, and sometimes may have to go back and make your lines thicker so they hold.

Another great thing about the AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen, is that if you happen to mess up somewhere, you can just let it dry, and break that piece off, and try it again!

We love arts and crafts here in our family, and this is such a perfect addition to become a new hobby for us. It’s definitely going to take time to learn, but it’s fun learning this new art form.

The AtmosFlare Kit comes with the pen, with built in light, a red and blue ink cartridge, 5 tips to help with your designs, and a AA battery! (Love when things come with batteries!)  

You are going to want to buy refills and other colors so you can create so much more. And luckily, they are easy to get! The refills come with ink, and extra tips too. You can check them out below!

The AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen is sure to be a Holiday Gift Favorite this year. So check them out Below!

Have a child who would love this gift but may not be old enough yet?  Check out our review of the children’s version of the 3D Drawing Pen BELOW! 

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