Aventura Clothing

Aventura Clothing has beautiful clothes that have quickly become a favorite.  Aventura is a family-owned and operated company, “that strives to engage in sustainable practices and use eco-friendly fabrics whenever possible.” 

Their clothing is high quality which you can see from the moment you take it out of the box.  We tried out this Coral Hollis Dress, which is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex single jersey.

The colors are beautiful and vibrant on this Hollis Dress, and the material is very soft and light.  We got this one for our mom, and she is ready to get some more.  It’s been her favorite go to throw on dress for this summer season.  

I got this Sonnet Hoodie in Dutch Blue.  It features button back sleeves, so you can make it a 3/4″ sleeve to keep cool.  It has 3 buttons and has a hood.  

I love the beautiful blue color, and how soft it is.  It has a nice quality feel to it, it fits well, and is very breathable, which makes it perfect for spring or fall seasons. 

Check out Aventura Clothing’s line here!

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