BabyOasis Bluetooth Sound Machine

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Sound Oasis has a great gift for new mommies,  the BabyOasis Bluetooth Sound Machine.  It’s a BabyOasis Sound Machine comes with an SD Card that is pre-loaded with 12 sounds for your little one, (or even you, personally), to fall asleep to.  These sounds include; Car Ride, Ocean, Rain, Heartbeat, and more.  

You can even pair it with your bluetooth on your phone for any music you wish to play.  The BabyOasis Sound Machine is a small, portable machine that is great for travelers as well.  This machine is wireless and charges with the included USB chord.  

This is great for us to use in the babies room, when the house may be a little too loud, or when we’re traveling and the house is a little too quite (especially for those who sleep with a fan, but can’t take a fan with them on their trip.) 

Check out the BabyOasis Bluetooth Sound Machine here.

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