Best Non-Candy Halloween Treats to Give Out

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Looking for non-candy treats to give out this Halloween?

While Halloween is traditionally the time to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, there are tons of non-candy options to give out as well. Here are several great kid-approved suggestions…

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    School Supplies

School is just getting into full-swing in October. You’ll probably be surprised by all of the Halloween-related school supplies to choose from. This includes things like mini notepads, pencils, erasers, gel pens and rulers.

    Healthy Snacks

If you prefer to give out edible treats, it’s easy to stick with healthy snacks. After all, kids love them! Granola bars, mini boxes of raisins, string cheese and single-serving packs of snacks like goldfish crackers and pretzels are all yummy candidates.

    Miniature Toys and Games

Why not scrap the candy this year and give out miniature toys and games this instead? This category includes possibilities like yo-yos, mini inflatables, finger puppets, bubble sets, miniature card games and a whole lot more!

    Arts and Crafts Supplies

Let’s face it, most kids love to get “crafty.” Take advantage of this fact and give out arts and crafts supplies when Halloween rolls around. Some things that come to mind are stickers, small boxes of crayons, coloring books, beads, sidewalk chalk, stencils and cute self-inking stampers.

Another option is to purchase individual craft kits from a retailer such as Oriental Traders. Buying the kits in bulk is super-affordable and most of the Halloween-related projects are spooky cute.

    Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos aren’t going anywhere and they won’t break the bank! Better yet, there are tons of Halloween-related ones to choose from. Kids love them because they’re cool. Parents love these tattoos because removing them is a breeze.

This is just a small example of non-candy treats to have on hand, this Halloween. Candy is typically gone in a flash. When you give out alternatives kids have something tangible to play with or use instead.

And don’t forget to grab an awesome Halloween bowl to give out your treats!

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