How to Sleep Better When Traveling

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4 Important Tips For Better Sleep When You Travel

Guest post by: Michael

Who dislikes traveling? Nobody! We all like exploring new places, literally everyone loves to travel.

Even those anxious about flights or bus and train trips love to arrive to the new place and see a new culture with enthusiasm!

I was always like that. I was anxious before my trips, rethinking if everything goes well and a lot more. But I definitely loved packing and dancing along as I fantasized about unpacking when I get to the new place.

There is just one big factor to have in mind. Resting or sleeping well. It can be before or while you travel, but you must never do the mistakes I did.

I was exhausted before and during the trips, so my traveling experiences back then were not so great.

It doesn’t matter if you travel a lot or not, but you can always make sure to have a nice mattress at home. Everything starts in the bedroom. With the help of I have invested in a good bed to sleep at home. So, I’m always well rested before trips!

This is why I’d like to share with you my top 4 tips for good rest when you travel.

Avoid loud music and noises or anything distracting

I was jumpy and too happy on my trip so I blasted loud-dancing music on my headphones. That just made me more tired and awakened.

If you can’t travel without some sounds, at least let it be chill-out music or ‘white noise’.

Put the laptop away. Enjoy the view out the windows. Deep breathing and just close eyes and relax.

Careful with the meals and drinks

Before the trip have a light snack or meal. Avoid the coffee. Or at least have a small latte with not much caffeine.

On the trip, I never eat huge meals – they just bloat my belly and I feel uneasy. Maybe a light snack, lots of water and that’s great for me.

Resist the alcohol please! You don’t need nausea or headache, especially when you are tired and travel!

Maybe some handy items are good to have with you

I’m so glad I invested in eye mask and a neck pillow.

If I’m bothered by bright lights, eye mask on and I’m good to go. Or if I feel eyes getting heavy, just get my neck pillow out of my cabin bag or backpack and rest my neck.

This way I had the best naps on my trips, trust me.

Lastly – always be dressed in comfy clothes!

I have to say this is a huge factor. There are no words to explain the feeling of being totally annoyed by tight clothes.

I’ve seen ladies almost tripping down with their high heels. I’ve seen men in suits and ties realizing they made a mistake with the outfit.

Well, I always wear T-shirts, jumpers or hoodies with some comfy pants and loose-fit jeans. And the footwear is comfy too – booties, sneakers or sandals.

No pressure on the belly, feet feel comfy and I don’t sweat too much as well.

After all, when you arrive at the new place, you surely don’t want to drag your luggage all dressed up – you can’t! It can even look a bit silly.

I mean traveling is all about being comfy and rested before you arrive somewhere, right?

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