We have 5 little kids in our family, ages 7 and under.  And every one of the kids is in a car seat or booster. We also have 5 adult sisters, our mom and dad and a couple of brother-in-laws.  We all love to babysit and get to pass the babies around all the time.  
But, we also tend to have a car seat issue.  Sometimes we have someone take off in the car that happens to have all the carseats, and are left at mom and dads house with just the spare car seat and two kids.  Every time that happens, we always wish we each had a spare booster seat in the trunk of each of our cars.  However, these seats can get big and can be expensive too.  

In those emergency times, we have found a great solution to our problem, and now, we each have one of these tucked away in our cars.  

It’s called the BubbleBum Booster Seat and is perfect for these instances.  

The BubbleBum Booster Seat is an inflatable seat that folds up flat and is easy to travel with and store in the trunk.  It is easy to inflate just by blowing it up with a few long breaths.  It is crash tested, and meets all US & EU regulations.  It’s perfect for Carpooling, Taxis, Traveling, and Car Rentals.  

We still use the car seats for the younger ones, and a car seat/booster convertible for the older ones, but when we are in a pinch, or traveling, we will use the BubbleBum Booster Seats.  It has been so convenient and has helped relieve lots of headaches of trying to figure out how to get a car seat when we are stuck at home without one, and needing to run a quick errand with one of the kids.  

The Booster Seat also comes with a shoulder strap to help position the shoulder belt across the center of their chest.  And has clips on the side to hold the seatbelt low on their hips for maximum comfort and safety.  

It also comes in Pink and Black.

You can get your BubbleBum Booster Seat here!

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