Bug Bite Thing 

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We are spending our summer on the lake, which usually feels like a dream…except when the sun goes down, and those mosquitos come out, then it quickly becomes a nightmare!  So we were thrilled when we discovered the Bug Bite Thing!

Bug Bite Thing is a new suction tool that is used to help relieve the itch, pain and annoyance of bug bites.  It can help with mosquito bites, bee stings, wasp, hornet, black fly stings, spiders and so many more.  

The Bug Bite Thing “safely and instantly extracts insect venom below your skin in one easy motion.”  You simply put it over your bug bite, apply pressure, and slowly pull the side handles up so the tool can “suction” out the poison.  Thats all there is to it!  No medicines, needles, creams, ointments…just this one tool that is re-usable and never expires.  Simply wash it after use, and you can use it again and again!

The suction cup should immediately reduce pain and itching from insect bites.  And it is backed by a 100% satisfaction guaranteed!  

You might be thinking, “well it probably costs a lot!”  Think again! You can get your own Bug Bite Thing for the price of 2 fancy coffees!  You’re going to want to grab a couple of these for your summer adventures! 

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