Candle Warmers

We have been so excited to introduce this company to you since we first discovered it.  It’s one of our favorite gifts on this list!  It’s a company called Candle Warmers Etc. and is for sure (our) moms favorite gift of the season.  Candle Warmers Etc. has a whole unique line of…well, you guessed it…Candle Warmers.  Now don’t get these confused with the wax warmers that were all the rage last season either.  They are SO much better!  

Here’s the thing… we buy candles and use them up so fast.  They last maybe 2 weeks, then all of a sudden, that $20 candle is long gone.  So then we try the wax melts/warmers.  Sure, these are great, and take a little longer to be gone than the candles, but the fragrance is gone super quick too.  Just a few uses, and you start to realized you are just melting wax that no longer has any scent…boring!  That’s why we were thrilled when we discovered  We received 3 beautiful Candle Warmers, and started using them right away.  

These Candle Warmers melt your candles instead of you lighting them with a flame, and sends the fragrance throughout the whole room.  Just turn it on, and you’re good to go.  When you’re done, and you turn off the warmer, your candle just goes back to its solid state and waits to be warmed up again.  We’ve been trying to wear out the candles as fast as we can, just to make sure its not too good to be true.  A close friend of our mentioned she had some of these and said her candles last all year!

So we went on the hunt for some, and absolutely love the ones we found from Candle Warmers.  We are usually skeptics when it comes to those kinds of claims, but we’ve been using them constantly and have yet to wear out any scents.  You can even use any of the candles you have at home, as these work with so many different sizes of candles.  We did get to try out their Summer Mango scent, and absolutely loved it.  Our whole living room smells fresh and tropical, and reminds us of Hawaii!  It’s not just a functional warmer, but it also doubles as beautiful home decor as well. 

You have to see all the beautiful designs and types HERE. could have stopped there and been wildly successful…but nope, that’s not all they do!

They also have a great line of Essential Oil Diffusers.

Now, I have to say, most Essential Oil Diffusers I have seen are really boring and not decorative at all.  But these Essential Oil Diffusers are very fun, unique, and will give your room yea extra special pop of beautiful decor.  

They even have 7 colored LED lights to boot!

Their Essential Oils come in tons of different kinds, but they also have a “plus” line. These are Essential Oils PLUS fragrance.

We cannot recommend candle enough.  We are huge fans, and now big time customers.  We dare you to check them out and NOT fall in love! 

Come Fall in Love with Candle Warmers Etc.

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