Why You Should NOT Have An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

We are going to take a very unpopular stance on why you should NOT have an Unplugged Ceremony. We’ll share with you our biggest reasons why we think you should rethink having an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony below. 
Photographers, please don’t hate us!

Having an “Unplugged Wedding” has become the thing to do lately. Keeping your family and friends out of the way so they don’t ruin your professional photographers perfect shot is a great reason to do so. However, there are many reasons we believe you should think twice before having an unplugged ceremony.

36 Ways To Slash Your Wedding Budget And Save Tons Of Money

Weddings are freaking expensive! The average wedding for this year was over $35,000! That’s a huge down payment on a house, a really nice brand new car, or a crazy all around the world vacation.

There is so much you can do with the amount of money people spend on weddings.  And a lot of people don’t even have that option to spend that much. If you’re anything like us, we wanted to stay faaaaar away from that number and stick to something MUCH MUCH cheaper. 

Funny T-Shirts for Men

You guys love our Funny T-Shirts For Teens post, so we decided to bring you Funny T-Shirts for Men.

This is the perfect gift for any guy who can be tough to shop for. If you know anything about him, you’re bound to find a great t-shirt that will make him laugh and everyone else who gets to read it.

Perfect for those picky men who you can’t find a gift for, here are our favorite Funny T-Shirts For Men.

24 Hours in Banff

Banff is such a dream! The first time I saw pictures of the bright blue lakes, the mountains, and the cute little town, Banff went on my bucket list right then and there.  And high up on the Bucket List too. We had planned an epic West Coast road trip from the border of Mexico to the border of Canada, and figured this was the best time to head to Banff.  

We were in Banff the first week of October, and it was just a few days too late to go visit Lake Moraine. So, be sure to go a little earlier in the season before they close it. 

Winter Bucket List For Couples -Exciting And Romantic List Of Things To Do In Winter With Your Beau

Winter is such a magical time of year. Of course it brings the holiday season and the New Year, but winter is a lot more than that. It’s like a refresh of everything. The leaves are all gone, and the snow and rain comes to wash everything away before the new life starts growing. It’s also a time to spend with the ones you love, and gives you a great time to make a Winter Bucket List!

Winter is one of the best seasons and a lot of people’s favorite season of the year. This year, winter starts December 21 and goes through March 19th, so there’s lots of time for some really awesome Things to Do In Winter.

Use this list to come up with your favorite Winter Bucket List Ideas and start your own Winter Bucket List this new season!

Experience Gifts For Couples

Ever feel like you just have too much stuff? Buying presents for your loved ones and it just feels boring and not exciting? If you have a couple you are gifting, it’s time to switch it up and start doing Experience Gifts for Couples!

Experience Gifts are for people to create memories instead of things. They help you give and receive gifts that are more meaningful and add value to your life.

Instead of giving another physical gift, why not help them start making memories that will last a life time? We’ve come up with some awesome ideas you can give for an experience gift for couples.

Stocking Stuffers: Ideas for Men

It’s that time of year again, so time to fill up his stocking! Men tend to be the most difficult when coming up with ideas of what to use as Stocking Stuffers for Men, so we’ve come up with a list of over 100 ideas for you to use!

Stocking Stuffers aren’t meant to be too terribly expensive. You can either set a budget for how much you want to spend for the whole stocking together, or fill the stocking with a few larger items to make it worth while. 

Best Inspirational Travel Quotes

Looking for the Best Travel Quotes that are inspirational or famous? Want to find the Best Short Travel Quotes and other Travel Love Quotes? We’ve put together a massive list for you.

Whether you want a inspirational travel quote for your Instagram, or want to ignite your passion for travel again, these quotes will give you all you’re looking for.

12 Months of Dates

This year, on our first Christmas of being married, B and I decided to start doing experience dates for Christmas instead of physical gifts. So this year, I’m doing 12 Months of Dates!

Every year, it’s so hard for me to come up with stuff I want, since we’ve started living more of a minimalist life. With us picking up and moving from California to Texas just a month ago, we ended up selling all of our furniture, and lots of our other stuff and only packed what we could fit in the jeep and the boat.

Winter Date Ideas

Looking for great Winter Date Ideas, but you want to stay indoors? We’ve got you covered! Need some Winter Date Night inspiration? We have some fun date ideas all ready to go. Don’t let the cold keep you locked up inside and bored out of your mind. Here are some fun winter dates you can enjoy with your sweetie!