Free Date Ideas: Fun Dates At No Cost!

Dating is an important part of any relationship…especially if you’ve been together for a long time. It’s crucial to have quality time together as much as possible, and we always recommend couples try to shoot for a date night once a week.

But, dating can also get expensive depending on what you do each week. So we like to mix in different types of dates and we do lots of free dates throughout the year to help keep our budget in tact.

We’ve come up with some great Free Date Ideas you can do to save money and still have some quality time together.

31 Days of Christmas Bucket List

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. It’s not just about one day, it’s the entire season of merriness that I love. So, every year, we make sure to check off all of our items from our Christmas Bucket List! 

These ideas will help make your Christmas season magical, allows you to give back, and enjoy this beautiful season with your loved ones. We’ve come up with a whole calendar of 31 Days of Christmas Bucket List Ideas you can use for your list this year…because we can still celebrate after the 25th!

Winter Bucket List For Couples -Exciting And Romantic List Of Things To Do In Winter With Your Beau

Winter is such a magical time of year. Of course it brings the holiday season and the New Year, but winter is a lot more than that. It’s like a refresh of everything. The leaves are all gone, and the snow and rain comes to wash everything away before the new life starts growing. It’s also a time to spend with the ones you love, and gives you a great time to make a Winter Bucket List!

Winter is one of the best seasons and a lot of people’s favorite season of the year. This year, winter starts December 21 and goes through March 19th, so there’s lots of time for some really awesome Things to Do In Winter.

Use this list to come up with your favorite Winter Bucket List Ideas and start your own Winter Bucket List this new season!

12 Months of Dates

This year, on our first Christmas of being married, B and I decided to start doing experience dates for Christmas instead of physical gifts. So this year, I’m doing 12 Months of Dates!

Every year, it’s so hard for me to come up with stuff I want, since we’ve started living more of a minimalist life. With us picking up and moving from California to Texas just a month ago, we ended up selling all of our furniture, and lots of our other stuff and only packed what we could fit in the jeep and the boat.

Winter Date Ideas

Looking for great Winter Date Ideas, but you want to stay indoors? We’ve got you covered! Need some Winter Date Night inspiration? We have some fun date ideas all ready to go. Don’t let the cold keep you locked up inside and bored out of your mind. Here are some fun winter dates you can enjoy with your sweetie!

Best First Date Ideas that are Fun, Creative, Cute, and Casual

First Dates can have you feeling all of the emotions. You’re excited, anxious, nervous, happy, and scared all at the same time…the unknown can be torturous, but the excitement that this might be your person makes you happy to go. 

But then all the questions start coming. “I need first date ideas! Where should we go? What should we do? What are we going to talk about? Oh no, what if he doesn’t like me? What if I embarrass myself?!”

We’ve all been there and have felt all the feelings. First dates can actually be really fun, and they can be as casual or as adventurous as you feel comfortable.  We have some of the Best First Date Ideas that are Fun, Creative, Cute, and Casual for you to choose which is best for you!

Why Amazon Alexa is the Best Third Wheel for Date Nights

Did you know Amazon’s Alexa can be a great addition to Date Night? And not just for playing music.

Alexa can be your own personal assistant helping you plan and execute date night without the worry of having an assistant in your home doing your date night. 

And, it’s all free! Here are 6 ways Amazon Alexa can help add to your date nights:

Fun Hobbies for Couples to Enjoy Together

Looking for great Ideas for Fun Hobbies for Couples? Being in a new relationship is fun and exciting. You’re learning about each other, going on new dates and experiencing new things as a couple.

But what about when you’ve been together for a couple years? Sure it’s still exciting and you probably have found some things you both love together and separate.

Family Christmas Traditions For Couples To Start

The Christmas season is my absolute favorite time of the year. And I think the main reason is because of all the family Christmas Traditions I grew up with. My parents always made sure that Christmas time was a season and not just one day, so the joy was spread throughout the whole month.

Some of our Christmas traditions are/were cheesy and some we just can’t go a Christmas without.

Now being newly married, we’re navigating a new way to have Christmas Traditions for Couples, and also figuring out what we will want to do when we have kids of our own.

Things You Should Order On Amazon For Your Wedding

How to Save Money on Your Wedding With Amazon

Looking to Save Money on your Wedding? Here are some awesome Amazon Deals to save you tons of money!
Is there anything you can’t find on Amazon? Amazon has everything from ebooks to Oreos. What you may not have considered though is that Amazon also has some of the supplies you need for your wedding. Everything from wedding invitations to candles can be found. Let’s take a closer look at things to order for your wedding on Amazon.