6 Summer Projects To Start This Month

There’s something about summer that just motivates you to work on things around the house. One day you look outside and decide that it is finally time to reseed the lawn, or get started on that garden you’ve been meaning to start for the last decade. Or maybe you have the itch to work but don’t really know where to start. Here are a few summer projects that you can start this month!

Refurnish Your Home on a Budget

Redecorating your home can feel like a massive undertaking, especially when you include furniture into that overhaul. Oftentimes, furniture is the single most expensive category of your home’s possessions, although few of us think about protecting it from thieves or accident. When it’s time to redo a room, furniture is the biggest expense that you can expect.

However, if you can take some smart measures, you’ll find yourself able to cut way back on the expenses of refurnishing your home. Read on to learn more!

6 Ways to Save on Wedding Planning

Getting married is absolutely one of the happiest times and events of your entire life. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive. Unless your plan is to go the way of a simple courthouse wedding, you’ll find yourself with expenses that you didn’t even know were customary when it comes to weddings. There are so many things that go into a wedding that you don’t realize until you find yourself in the position of planning your wedding. A wedding dress, dresses for the bridal party, a tux, flowers, venue, catering, and drinks are just the beginning.

How to Organize Your Home’s Trash Solutions

Families and homes have a tendency to build up trash. That’s simply the nature of a bunch of people living in a place together. Things build up and people move through lots of products and materials. By nature, we tend to be a pretty wasteful species. However, you can simultaneously make your home a neater and reduce the amount of waste that you and your family produce by getting organized and working together. Here are some different ways that you can organize the trash your home produces to be more efficient and less of the filthy animals you know you are!

Halloween Desserts and Appetizers

Halloween is always a fun time to get creative with fun party foods.  Appetizers and Desserts are always my favorite.  Here are some fun ideas to bring to your Halloween party!

Pantry Re-Do

We are working on a whole new kitchen re-do, and still in the middle of some things, but we just could not wait to tell you about our new pantry!! <3

We live in a typical 80’s California track-home, so some of the stuff in the house is nothing to write home about, and our pantry was one of those things.  Just your typical built in shelves.  No walk in pantry, no bells and whistles. 

How to Have a Robot Do Your Chores!

Have you ever wanted a Robot Maid, like in
“The Jetsons”?!

Well, technology is not quite there yet, but we’ve found the next best thing, and we are LOVING it!  So much so, we aren’t even being paid to tell you about it.  We just want to help make you’re lives a little easier, the way it’s helped us! 

We have a baby in our family who is just learning to crawl, and loves being on the floor scooting around all day.  So of course we have to keep our floors super clean.  We also own a German Shepherd who sheds like CRAZY! We were having to sweep the floors two or three times a day.  Until we found this amazing product by iRobot.  
We literally have a robot that will vacuum our floors (hardwood AND carpet) with just a press of a button! How insanely cool is that?! 

D.I.Y. Drybrushing – How to turn an Old Piece of Furniture into Your Own Unique Piece

Do you have a piece of furniture that is old, outdated, or just doesn’t fit with your decor?  A dresser, desk, side table, etc?  Here’s a super awesome way to update it and make it your own.  Its a technique called “Drybrushing”, and can turn this…into this!

Dry brushing is this awesome technique you can use to give your project a little extra “POP”.  You can make your project look Shabby Chic, Distressed, or Vintage-Like with just one little Chip Paint Brush”.

Headlight Restoration – D.I.Y.

Do your headlights date your car?  They’re dingy and dirty-looking and make your car look older than it is?  You wash them and they start to look new again, only to dry and go back to foggy?  Ours did! And we tried all the D.I.Y. remedies…to no avail. 

  • Dish Soap- Check…didn’t work.
  • Scrubbing with a toothbrush…Nada!
  • Washing the car…duh, we tried this, but…back to foggy!
  • Toothpaste as a cleaner…Ok, with search results and the help of Pinterest, we found some people use toothpaste. Weird, we know, but of course we tried! And sadly, STILL nothing! Maybe a bit cleaner, but that didn’t help with the cloudy or fogginess. 

Local service stations wanted to charge $100 to do “headlight restoration” for us…and we came close to just caving in and paying it.