Holiday Gift Guide

Wonder Crew Buddies

So we all know, typically girls get the dolls, and boys get the action figures…but Playmonster Toys is changing the gender stereotypes and created their new line of Wonder Crew Buddies!  


Here’s a super fun line of new toys for your mermaid loving little girls! It’s TPF Toys newest line of They’re called Splashlings… “An Ocean Full of Friends”!  These Splashlings are “collectible characters filled with tiny mermaids and ocean friends.”

Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Horns

Here’s a fun and unique gift for that imaginative little girl in your life. Brooklyn Owl has a headband that will turn any girl into a unicorn! Well, at least give you a unicorn horn. 


Car Seat Canopy

This Car Seat Canopy has many uses…use it as a blanket, an infant carrier cover, nursing cover, stroller canopy and stroller lap blanket. It comes with removable straps so you can connect them to the strollers or car seats with ease. 

Smart Toilet

We always have tons of people at mom and dads house. There are 12 of us when everyone gets together on a normal night. Add those to all the guests that come by, all the parties we have, and all the family and friends that visit on the weekends and holidays. There’s always something going on. 

Heat Factory

Heat Factory is here to save your fingers and your toes this winter, with their disposable Heat Packs. You’re sure to have warmth and feeling wherever you place these. Gifts

Virtual Reality is taking over…between video games, movies, roller coasters, and theme park rides, technology is getting so advanced with all of it. Now you can experience 360 degree virtual reality from your own home with this 360 degree virtual reality headset. 



Are you tired of the “canned” and harsh lights around your house? Check out these Softlites!

Heat Holders

Heat Holders has become one of our favorite companies for winter accessories. They have something for the whole family. These thermal children’s socks are the softest, and warmest socks we have ever come across. “These Heat Holders® children’s socks are over seven times warmer than a typical cotton sock.” They are extra long so will pair great with some boots, or can help keep your ankles and legs warm.


Dat Mat Yoga Mats

DAT MAT has such great Yoga Mats! 

They have completely original designs that are all limited edition, so you have to grab them when you see the one you love. They measures 68″ x 24″, and they are 1/4″ thick. The extra thickness gives you lots of comfort to do all your exercising without feeling the floor, like you do on some yoga mats. It has non-slip material and has high-density foam inside. You have to see these and all of their designs.