Mother’s Day

Essential Oil Gifts for the Oil Mama

We all know an “Essential Oil Mama”! And you’re probably not going to gift her Essential Oils…lets be real, she knows everything about them. But no worries, we’ve come up with lots of other Essential Oil Gifts that are perfect for the Oil guru in your life!

Aventura Clothing

Aventura Clothing has a beautiful clothes that have quickly become a favorite.  Aventura is a  family-owned and operated company, “that strives to engage in sustainable practices and use eco-friendly fabrics whenever possible.” 

Spring Clean Your Dishes with Lifetime Brands!

You may have started or even finished your Spring Cleaning to do lists, but when is the last time you did Spring Cleaning with your dishes?  We realized our mom hadn’t had new flatware in a REALLY long time.  8 adults in the family, and 5 kids, with years and years of use, we decided it was time to get her a brand new (and matching) set for Mother’s Day!

Beauty Faves for the Summer

What girl doesn’t love beauty, makeup, skin care, and/or nail care…We have found some really awesome new products from Rimmel London, Sally Hansen, and Jergen’s.  

This one is all about the makeup, and Rimmel London is at the top of our list!  I mean, look at this new can help tint your eyelashes in as little as 2 weeks!  Being a redhead myself, my eyelashes are really light, and hard to see.  With this new tinting formula, I could go without mascara if I wanted, when my eyelashes tint a bit darker.  Super excited about seeing results with this one.  

CHI Ellipse 3-in-1 Styler

We love all things hair care and styling, and CHI has an awesome new 3-in-1 tool to help you achieve many different hair styles with just one tool! 

This 3-in-1 Styling Iron has 3 styling options…smooth styling, curl styling, and wave styling.  Straight, wavy, or curly hair with just one tool?! Get out! 

Picture Keeper Connect

I have always had a problem with not having enough space on my phone!  I feel like I am constantly having to delete pictures just to have enough room for my phone to even function.  But now, Picture Keeper Connect makes it easy to store all your pictures, videos, and contacts on this little device, so you can save room on your phone to take more pictures! 

Body Dynamix by Debbie Siebers

Body Dynamix by Debbie Siebers is a great workout DVD for those who need a low impact workout.  In this DVD, you get 7 workouts…

1. Body Insurance

2. Yoga Flows & Poses

3. Tone & Walk

4. Cardio & Walk

5. Core Walk

6. Core on the Floor

7. Restore & Repair

Tasty Cookbooks

You’ve probably seen those delicious looking recipe videos on social media.  You know, the ones that make you save the video and want to make it yourself.  You’ve probably even wanted to make some of these recipes from Tasty.  Their recipes are so popular, that they’ve even come out with their own recipe book with super unique meals, drinks, and desserts inside.  They even have a customized recipe book for your little helpers as well.  


Cheeky is a fun dinnerware company that sells all types of unique prints on your dinnerware.  From plates, cups, and bowls, to serving platters, serving bowls, and even paper-ware. 

SimpleHuman Trash Can

We always seem to have a problem with trash cans in our house.  A big problem is with our dogs. They love to open the lid, knock it over, whatever they can do to get what’s inside.  We’ve traded our plastic cans in for heavier metal ones, and we still had to put heavy items on the lid every night so they can’t get in.