How to Get the Cheapest Flights Possible (Domestic Edition)

Airfare is becoming quite the affordable way of travel recently.  I personally have flown across the country for a mere $19.10!  And have done so multiple times under $50 one way.  Here are some great ways that can help you find the best deal around. 

While booking flights, time and flexibility are two of the biggest things that can help you save money.  

Things to Pack in a Travel Bag

Things to Pack in a Travel Bag

Whether you’re taking a trip in a plane, train, or automobile (huh, see what I did there?! 😉 ) these are some things you may want to think about always having with you in your travels.  

The Perfect Bachelorette Getaway (that’s not Vegas!)

The Perfect Bachelorette Getaway…
(that’s not Vegas!)

One of the girls from What the Girls Say just got married, and us sisters were so ready to hop into this bachelorette weekend before.  We personally think Vegas is so overdone, and we are California girls, so where do you go for the perfect California getaway bachelorette?  Straight to the beach, of course!

A Galaxy Not So Far Far Away…Legoland California Star Wars Miniland

There’s a war going on across different worlds, where miniature lands made of miniature blocks, and they are fighting in a “galaxy far, far away”. 

Or actually, not that far…just in Carlsbad, California….and by “War”, we mean Star Wars…and by miniature lands, made of miniature blocks, we mean mini Star Wars land made of LEGOS!! 

Things they don’t tell you about Iceland

We just got back from a winter trip to Iceland, and man, what a fun trip we had.  We also only had 7 days (with flights), so we tried to get everything in that we could.  Lots of research went into planning our trip, and we decided to stick to the west and south ends of the island.  But you always learn way more being there than you do hearing about it, so we collected our info of  “Things No One Tells You About Iceland”, and wanted to share with you!

How to Travel with a Discount Airline Without Paying the Extras

Low-Fare Airlines, Budget Airfare, Cheap Airlines, Discount Airfare…

…no matter what you call it, there are some great discount airlines that keep your flight to a SUPER cheap fare.  But with this low-fare airline, there are always lots of extras.

But, we are telling you:

How to Travel with a Discount Airline WITHOUT Paying all the extras!

We are giving away all our cheap flight secrets!

Top Gifts for the Jetsetter

Do you have a Traveler/ Jet-Setter on your holiday gift list?  Here are some ideas that are sure to impress!

1. Travel Charger
Every traveler needs a good Travel Charger! Something light and potable to be able to charge their phones, tablets, and/or laptops at the airport, on a train, or in a cab. Wherever they are, they won’t have to worry about a dead battery and being stranded without their devices. There are many out there to choose from, lipstick style, to a credit card type. Basically, if there’s a USB port, they are likely to be able to use it for all of their devices! Check out the different types…

How to Find Cheap Flights Like A Boss!

Airline ticket prices can be a mystery! The guy next to me paid $350 to fly from LA to Chicago…but my ticket was $36!! How can airlines change so much and so quick?! 
Ever get frustrated looking for the cheapest flights? When to buy, what day to fly, what website should I book through? 
We recommend starting the easiest route for a starting point, and that’s going directly to…