How to Find Cheap Flights Like A Boss!

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Airline ticket prices can be a mystery! The guy next to me paid $350 to fly from LA to Chicago…but my ticket was $36!! How can airlines change so much and so quick?!
Ever get frustrated looking for the cheapest flights? When to buy, what day to fly, what website should I book through?
We recommend starting the easiest route for a starting point, and that’s going directly to…

Google Flights!

“Why didn’t I think of that?!”

“Google does flights?!”

“They have flight calculators?!”

“I wish I knew about this years ago!”

All spoken from friends after they’ve heard about how we tend to book most of our flights.

Guys, its seriously the easiest thing, and in our experience, gets the best and CHEAPEST results!

How do you do it??

Go to and type in “flights from ____ to ____”

 Example Example

…And this should pop up…

Click on “More Flights”…the blue link at the bottom ^^ of the page.

(or click on “Flights” in the menu bar.)

Then, here’s the magic…

Click on your departing or returning date, and a calendar will come up and show you the cheapest options to fly on which days.

They’ll even give you tips and tell you if it’s cheaper to fly on another day.

Have an option of which airport you can fly into or out of? Google will tell you if its cheaper to fly into or out of a different airport!  Or you can play with the airports on your own.

Change your roundtrip to one way, economy to business, or first class, and even select your # of passengers to find your deals.

Guys, it’s like Google is your own personal travel agent searching the best deals from all airlines…for FREE!!

One thing to note (as Google Flights will tell you) they check most airlines, but Southwest is NOT included in their searches, so be sure to make one more search to get the best deal out there.

And Voila! Free flight travel agents at your finger tips!

We have learned that the best days to book your flight are typically the beginning of the week Monday-Tuesday, HOWEVER, check all week long, because we have found great deals on Sundays a lot too! Some of the cheaper airlines seem to like to throw in their best deals while the rest of the airlines are even higher priced because of the weekends.

And make sure to book about 2 weeks out for domestic to ensure the best deals out there!

Google Flights has been the best way to find the cheapest domestic flights, but we do have a secret weapon for international flights that we’ll tell you about in future posts.  But until then, Google Flights is your best start!

Head to Google Flights now and check it out!

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  1. I love google flights! I use this all the time 🙂 Great tips on when to check for airline tickets! I’m always traveling and looking for great airline deals 🙂

    I just started following you on bloglovin and I love your blog! I would love a follow back <3

    xo Nicole

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