Chicco Car Seat NextFit ix- Newborn to Preschool

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Chicco NextFit ix Car Seat Review

Car Seats these days can be so hard to shop for.  You’re going to want the safest and best for your little one.  There are so many rules and regulations about car seats, that sometimes it can be hard to figure out what is best.  And kids outgrow everything so much faster than you want them to!  The saying “don’t blink” is a serious thing! They grow so fast that you are going to want things that last a long time.  You don’t want to have to buy 4 different car seats per child, and every time you turn around your child has outgrown their seat.  With the Chicco NextFit ix Convertible Car Seat, you’ll be able to use this seat from newborn to their preschool years!
We discovered this new Chicco Car Seat at the Chicago Baby Show, and were gifted one for this honest review.

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*Updated July 8, 2019 -*2 years in and the Chicco NextFit ix Convertible Car Seat is holding up amazing! We have had 2 kids in this seat now, and we cannot recommend it enough.

We’ve also added 2 more budget friendly options at the end of this post!

Here we have our rear facing 1 1/2 year old, and forward facing 5 year old in the same seat!

This Chicco NextFit ix Seat is amazing!  It is so easy to switch between newborn and preschooler without much effort.  This is a perfect car seat for Gramma too, who can have any of her 6 grandkids at any time, and they’re all a different age.

The Details

The NextFit ix Car Seat has some great details that make this a top of the line choice.  Here are some of our favorites…

9 Reclines And 9 Heights

That’s right, this car seat can recline 9 different positions, so it fits each stage of your child’s life.Recline the Car Seat all the way back for your sleeping newborn, or sit it straight up to get your preschooler ready for their booster seat.  The reclining system helps keep your kids comfortable, and the seat can fit great in any car.

9 Heights lets you raise or lower the headrest for the most comfortable fit.  You can raise it a click each time your little one grows, so the headrest is always taller than your child, for maximum car seat safety! It’s as easy as clicking the orange button and pulling up to your desired height.

Zip and wash seat pad

After years of use, you better believe this car seat is going to be messy!  From snack time, to potty accidents, daily fruit snacks and drink spills, those car seats get super dirty.  And have you ever tried to clean a car seat?  It’s not the easiest thing in the world. But, thanks to the easy zip on, zip off seat pad, all you have to do is zip it off, wash it in your wash machine, and zip it back on…clean car seat! The back of the car seat is easy to clean with a baby wipe.

Easy Secure System

Chicco’s NextFit ix Car Seat makes it really easy to keep this car seat safe.  Have you ever tried to correctly buckle a car seat in a car?!  Smashed fingers, can’t fit your hand in, and don’t have enough strength the make it as tight as it should be.  This car seat features a easy-pull harness tightener where all you have to do is use one hand, to push the button and pull the strap for a secure fit. They use something called LockSure, to make it easy to install the vehicle seatbelt. And finally, the Super Cinch Strap that makes it easy to tighten the seat in to place without breaking your fingers or hands.  This all makes it easy to switch between rear-facing and forward-facing positions.

Newborn Positioner

This newborn insert helps secure your 5-11 pound newborn for a more comfortable fit.

It is a very cushy insert to make your new little bundle of joy comfy and safe whenever you’re traveling.

Ultra-Soft Fabrics

This is probably my favorite thing about this car seat.  The Chicco NextFit ix is so soft, and cushy.  It gives your child an extra comfortable seat, and makes me wish they made the seats in my car with these materials.  It is a very chic looking car seat, has all the bells and whistles and all the safety features you would want.  Oh, and it comes with a cup holder to go on the side for your preschoolers!

We’re big fans, and absolutely love Chicco’s NextFit ix!
Check them out here

Looking for a more budget-friendly alternative?

We also have found a couple very similar seats that are a little more budget friendly with the same great quality by Chicco. You can see the Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat here and the Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat here.

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