Creative Outdoor Wagon by Creative Outdoor Distributor

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**Updated July 8, 2019- It’s been 2 years since we purchased out Creative Outdoor Wagon, and it has been amazing. We take it everywhere we go with the kids. To the beach, little league games, soccer games, the fair, anywhere that involves walking! It has held up nicely, and the kids love it!**

We have been on the lookout for a great foldable wagon for a while now, and we found the perfect one at Creative Outdoor Distributor.  We love the Creative Outdoor Wagon, so much so, that we have 2 different ones from them and use them all the time now.  With our family of 5 little ones, we are always on the go.  At the beach, t-ball games, amusement parks, soccer games, out on the town, cheerleading events, etc.  Sometimes a stroller just isn’t enough.  That’s why we are loving these Creative Outdoor Distributor Foldable Wagons.  We have the Push/Pull Wagon, and the Canopy Wagon. 

Push Pull Folding Wagon with Canopy

The Push/Pull Wagon is awesome.  It can be pushed like a stroller with the attached bar, or pull it like a wagon.  It folds up super easy to put in the trunk and makes it convenient to take on the go.  For those hot sunny days, (hello Southern California), we just pop on the canopy and shade our little ones or belongings out of the direct sunlight.  The Push/Pull Wagon also has a cup holder and two pockets for your convenience, and also has a buckle inside for the little ones, or to strap down some belongings.  It’s super easy to push or pull, with little effort or muscle.  Even our little ones can do it.  It comes in different color options as well, including; Navy/Grey, Pink/Grey, Purple/Grey and /Grey.  

If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, check out the Creative Outdoor All Terrain Wagon here.

All-Terrain Folding Wagon with Canopy

The Canopy Wagon has many similarities, but instead of the bar to push, there is a basket in its place to hold extra things, and features 2 cup holders and 2 pockets.  This one also comes with jumbo tires, to make it easy for trekking through the sand at the beach, up hills, on hikes, or anywhere else you may want to bring it.  These make it so easy for our baseball or soccer days at the fields, our outings to the beach, or BBQs at the park.  

We are so happy with the quality and craftsmanship of Creative Outdoor Distributor Wagons.  We’re so glad we found them before we bought a cheap alternative that was sure not to last, especially with our crazy kids.  Find your perfect wagon at Creative Outdoor Distributor.    

If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, check out the Creative Outdoor All Terrain Wagon here.

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      We did just take it to the beach, and it was a little difficult in the piles of sand. But not as crazy as dragging a cooler through the sand. 😉

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