Curlformers Styling Kits

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Want the easiest curls ever? Plus NO HEAT curls? Then you have to check out these
Curlformers Styling Kits.

Just wash your hair, add Curlformers, and let dry…remove the Curlformers and you’ll have a beautiful head of curly locks. Here are the super simple steps:

Curlformers Styling Kits come in different sizes, lengths, and types of curls. You can create Barrel Curls, Spiral Curls, or Corkscrew Curls. We got the Extra Long Styling Kit for Barrel Curls. This kit comes with 30 Extra Long Barrel Curlformers, 2 Styling Hooks, and a Luxury Carry Case. 15 dark purple for clockwise curls and 15 dark purple with a gold strip for anti-clockwise curls. This kit is perfect for styling our extra long full head of hair.

Want to have your curls dry faster? Check out this super fun SoftHood Hair Dryer Attachment. You use this hood with a blow dryer, and can dry your hair in the Curlformers in just half an hour. This hood makes it easy to finish your curls with no heat damage, as you use the low setting.

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