Deeper Pro+

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The Deeper Pro+ is “the world’s most versatile wireless sonar”, for those of you who not only love to fish, but love to catch even more! This wireless sonar is perfect for shore fishing, kayak fishing, and ice fishing.  You can use the Deeper Pro+ off the side of your kayak, or cast it even further with a rod from shore.  

The Deeper Pro+ works with an app on your phone and is iOS and android compatible. Simply download the app and pair with your new wireless sonar, and you’ll be able to see the weather forecast, your fishing calendar, offline maps, fishing notes, your camera, and unlimited history. You can track your whole journey right on your phone.

Not sure if there’s fish around? Cast in your Deeper Pro+, and you’ll be seeing everything you need to see under the water.  With a 330 foot casting range, a 260 foot depth range, built in GPS, and wifi, this is the only sonar system you’ll be needing on your fishing trip. 

This wireless sonar is compatible with your smartphones and tablets.  Just cast Deeper Pro+ into the water with a rod, let it scan the waters, and you’ll receive sonar data straight to your phone (or tablet). 

There are also great accessories you can get with your new wireless sonar, including this smartphone mount that will attach your phone right on your rod for easy tracking while you fish.  

Fishing at night?  Grab this night fishing cover.  It will let you see sonar images at night with this orange translucent cover.  Just turn on night fishing mode on your app, and you’ll be good to go.   

If you’re fishing from your kayak or small boat, checkout Deeper’s flexible arm mount.  Just attach the security straps and mount it to your kayak or boat for a perfect view all day long.

Stop wasting time wondering if they’re out there and get to catching your record with

Deeper Pro+

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