doTerra Essential Oils

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*Leslie was gracious enough to send us these products for free for our review.  
But, as always, all opinions are our own.

doTerra Essential Oils Review

When it comes to Essential Oils, you’re probably in one of the three categories…

  1. You love them and use them daily
  2. You’ve heard of them but have never tried
  3. You’ve never heard of them, but now you finally have.

My bet, you’re probably in the first or second group, cause they are everywhere now.  I personally had been in group 2 for the longest time.  Yeah I’ve heard of Essential Oils and even knew quite a few people who swear by them, but I had never had the time or understanding to really check them out.  That is, until Leslie from doTerra reached out to us and showed us the way.  

We started with the Family Essentials Kit and were actually shocked at some of the claims these oils had.  Too good to be true, right?  Well, we put them to the test immediately.  The best part about getting these oils is that you will also get your own personal teacher to help you get started and guide you on the way to get the most of these Essential Oils.  Leslie actually took an hour out of her day to answer any and all questions we had and even answered all the questions we didnt know we had.  And she does that for ALL of her customers!  When you purchase oils from Leslie, you not only get great doTerra Essential Oils, but you get a one hour personal consult as well. 

Sometimes, getting these oils, you can get super overwhelmed and have no idea how to use them…but Leslie will walk you through all you need.  The Family Essentials Kit is the perfect kit to start you off.  The day we got it in the mail, we started using them.  Our mom and one of the sisters had been sick all week with a nasty cold.  We happened to be at moms house and made a “cocktail” Leslie told us about fighting colds with OnGuard, Lemon, and Oregano Oils.  She was starting to feel better the next day.  And the “Breathe” oil cleared up her stuffiness right away.  Seriously.  We can be skeptics when it comes to bold claims, and only start to believe when we get personal results.  And with that alone, we started to become believers.  We’re super excited to see results with all the other oils as well and the benefits can be great.  If you’ve ever wondered about Essential Oils, now is the time to check them out, and Leslie can show you the way! 

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