Epare Kitchen Tools

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Epare is a great kitchen tools company that has lots of great salt and pepper mills, herb mills, food scissors, etc.  We checked out their Dual Manual Salt and Pepper Mill.  

We loved how this is 2 mills in one, so it doesn’t take up the space that 2 would take up.  Plus, it makes it so easy to have 2 in 1.  Just flip and turn to grind your salt, flip again, and grind your pepper. This Dual Manual Mill does not include the salt and pepper however. 

While checking out their mills, we discovered their herb mills and thought that would be a great addition to our kitchen gadgets.  

This herb mill works the same as the other mills, but you add herbs to it, and can sprinkle your desired herbs on your food with just a couple quick turns. 

Our favorite new gadget from Epare was the 5-blade scissors.  These scissors make it easy to cut up anything from green onions to cilantro.  It’s the power of 5 scissors in just one.  Makes chopping/cutting a breeze.  

See all Epare has to offer.

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