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Our family is full of people who wear glasses.  Of the 7 of us, 4 wear them everyday (switching between contacts and glasses), and I just got my first ever prescription as well.  So now, there are 5 of us who wear glasses.  Being welcomed into the glasses world, I learned very quickly how expensive glasses can be!  My oh my!  But, in my searches, I also found a great company who makes glasses incredibly affordable, and you can order them online! 


We ordered the first pair for our mom, who has worn glasses since 3rd grade. (I say first pair, because we are for sure ordering more!)

Our first impression of this site, we were amazed at the amount of different styles available to order.  There are so many different varieties and styles you can choose from.  

We picked this pretty pair…

We got mom all the bells and whistles with these glasses.  She typically only wears her glasses at night, so we decided to go with transitions, so she could wear them outside in the summer as well.  

We also got Progressive lenses, and they even have something called HD lenses that we are trying out as well.  
This pair of glasses comes with the FREE extras, listed below…

As soon as they came in the mail, we absolutely loved them.  Mom even wears them more than her contacts now, and she hasn’t done that in forever.  The jewels and the color make them unique and beautiful, and we think they look great on her!

Eyewear Insight made it so easy to order glasses with everything we could possibly want included, and for a budget price tag too! 

Get your discount glasses at eyewearinsight.com.

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