Farming with Bolthouse Farms – From Fields to Families

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This post is sponsored by Bolthouse Farms and SHE Media.

There’s something great about learning something new every day…trying new experiences…and finding a new adventure in your everyday lives. That’s why B and I were so excited to partner with Bolthouse Farms and take a tour of how our carrots and carrot juice go from the carrot fields to our refrigerators!

Bolthouse Farms is one of the leading producers of carrots across the country, farming carrots since 1915, so they obviously know what they’re doing with over a century’s experience of farming! We started our day out at the carrot fields in Bakersfield, California (very close to home).

We met with some carrot farmers who showed us how carrots are harvested, with a huge tractor looking machine called the Harvester, which we got to ride on! It was so awesome watching all these bright orange carrots getting plucked from the ground.

When we asked a farmer what his favorite way to eat a carrot was, he said: “straight from the ground!” You’re not going to get any fresher than that, so of course my first question was, “can we have one?!” And yes, he was right!

After learning about how they harvest the carrots from the carrot fields (that we drive by a lot), we headed to their factory to learn all about how the carrots go from ground to carrot juice, mini carrots, baby carrots, carrot rounds, and shredded carrots. Bolthouse Farms has it down to a science how they leave no carrots to waste! The large carrots from the ground become the baby carrots we snack on, leftover parts become carrot rounds or shredded carrots you find in your salads, and the rest becomes a delicious carrot juice!

Now I wasn’t too sure about carrots being a juice. I’m more of a fruit juice kind of girl (which Bolthouse Farms has some extremely delicious options), but their carrot juice was so tasty! B loved it, and even wanted seconds and thirds at lunch! I was quite surprised at how much we loved their carrot juice.

The juice is made directly from the carrots that were pulled earlier from the ground, and we watched how it’s all bottled up and ready to ship to the store for you to purchase and enjoy. Being in the factory and watching all the machinery and employees at work was definitely a treat. If you ever have a chance to see a factory, we highly recommend it. It’s quite fascinating to see how those bag of mini carrots we buy at the store is pulled from the ground, washed, cut, smoothed, chilled, and packaged. I mean, we ate a carrot directly from the soil and it was delicious. It’s no wonder these juice tastes so great!

B and I have a whole new appreciation for the carrots we buy at the store and are looking for all of the Bolthouse Farms products we can find! From bags of mini carrots to their carrot juice…salad dressings and their amazing beverages, Bolthouse Farms is for sure the name we look for now when grocery shopping. It’s hard not to after we saw how seamless the process from the ground to the store was. We know what we’re getting with their food and assure you you’ll get something great!

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2 thoughts on “Farming with Bolthouse Farms – From Fields to Families”

  1. Thanks so much for the photos and explanations! I’ve bought the bolt house products at the store, but never knew some of the details you shared. I appreciated "seeing" into the experience. 🙂 You gave me a new appreciation also – that carrot juice is looking much better than before. 😉

    1. Hi Lori!
      Glad you enjoyed it. We were the same….always bought Bolthouse Farms, but never realized all that goes into it. And yes, definitely try their carrot juice! We were pleasantly surprised! 🙂

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