Framed Mirrors-DIY

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Do you have those plain slabs of mirror up in your bathroom?  You know, the kind they installed when they built the house and it looks like the construction man was in charge of decorating? Yeah, that mirror!


Well, we have 3! And we ended up dressing up 2 of those (so far) and what a difference it has made.  

The one we were most excited about was our parents bathroom.  

Whenever our parents go out of town for a few days, us girls get the idea to do something big around the house.  (Usually things that are on the to-do list already…don’t worry, its always something that mom wants done!)  So, one project we worked on during this trip, was their bathroom.  
Since this was a project for mom, no expense was spared, as we all pulled our money together to fix up the bedroom and bathroom mom and dad were moving into.  Mom was going for an elegant, medieval, royal, kind of feel and we fell in love with a designed baseboard to frame her mirror.  

This is definitely a DIY project you can do in a day.  Luckily for us, we had a friend with a saw, so we were able to cut our own pieces.  (If you don’t have access to a saw or something to cut the board, measure it before going to the store, and cut it there. They should have a cutting station where you can do it yourself.  But know, this can be a bit harder, and you MUST have your measurements perfect!!)

  1. Measure your mirror and determine how much board you will need.  Keep in mind, your size can change depending on how much of the mirror you are going to cover.  If you are covering the least amount of mirror, you’ll need it a tad longer.
  2. Go to a place that sells baseboards and pick out the look you want.  We went extravagant for mom and dads bathroom, but went more neutral for the front bathroom.
  3. Measure the lengths of your mirror on all four sides and cut accordingly, one at a time.  Remembering your measurements will be different with each piece that is put in.
  4. Glue your pieces onto the mirror. We used glue that works on mirrors to glue these on. **Be sure your glue says it works with mirrors** (Or ask the sales associates…they’re helpful!
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5.  The smaller the mirror, the easier it will be to dry.  We held the baseboards up with our hands pressing into the mirror and propped up random items to help hold it while it was drying…your arms get tired after a bit! 😉
You can use clips or clamps to work better for this, but us girls tend to cut corners to save a little extra money, and since we didn’t have any of these already, we just held them up until it dried on its own.  
The main bathroom mirror was the tricky one, as it is much larger, so it took a bit longer to dry.

We had room to frame around our parents mirror, so we ended yo using tiny nails and a nail gun, instead of having to glue.

6.  Use DAP to fill in the corners and any nail holes you may have.  

 7. Enjoy your newly decorated, framed, and upgraded mirror!

No more track-home-feel for you!

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