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**This post is sponsored by Simfler, but as always, the opinions are our own.**

So, you have a new baby, and you want the best for them…so you try to track sleep times, feeding times, changing times, pumping times, etc.  You’re exhausted, but still trying to keep up with writing down what time it is, how much they ate, when they went to the bathroom last, and so much more… fumbling for a piece of paper, napkin, or anything you can jot down this information in the middle of the night, when you’ve only slept 3 hours.  Keeping up with an activity chart can be exhausting in itself.  But thanks to this new, and awesome, BabyTime APP, you can keep track of everything you need for your baby’s growth and activities all in one place.  

The BabyTime APP, by Simpfler, is a great tracker of all things you want to track for your babies progress. And, right now…it’s FREE!! You can download the APP below…


The BabyTime APP has so many awesome features, that it’s hard to find an Tracker APP that can beat it.  

First, you can record all your babies activities.  From sleeping, to eating, Diaper changes to baths and medicine.  Record the times and duration, and all the details needed for all these baby activities.  The APP then creates simple and easy to use charts that you can view in daily charts, weekly, or monthly. You can track your babies progress throughout the time with one simple chart.  

And now, BabyTime has an awesome feature where you can record the activities with a stop watch, or manually set a time for when these activities need to take place.  Want to know how long the baby has been eating?  Press start on your stopwatch.  What time they should be sleeping?  Add a notification for when you should be putting them to bed.  Whatever it is, BabyTime is here to help keep you and your baby on track.  

Another great thing about this APP is that you can sync all the info to whoever you want.  Mom or dad are at work and can’t be around?  They can check in and see the progress the baby is making.  Grandma and Grandpa want to stay up to date?  Add them to the story line.  This is great for the babysitter or nanny to help you stay up to date as well.  

You can also enter a diary entry each day, and stay up to date on what your baby is doing.  First smile? First laugh? First words?  Record them here.  AND you can see what other babies are up to as well.  Ever wonder how your baby is doing with their activity and growth in comparison to other babies?  Well, now you can check in with other moms and dads and read their diaries is the community feature. (If you want…the info is not public, unless you want it to be shared with the community.)  Check in with other babies your baby’s age and see how they compare. 

Is your child sick?  Then you can share the activity with the doctor, and they might be able to tell a difference in eating and sleeping habits that could help with the illness.  

All of your updates and logs are recorded in their cloud server as well, so you can restore your data if lost or new phone, just by logging in.  This APP was even voted one of  “APP Store Best of 2016!”  

If you, or someone you know has a new baby, this FREE APP is worth checking out! 

You can Download the APP below…


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