Free Dollar from the Girls! <3

Us girls here at "What the Girls Say" want to give all of you Money Makers...One Dollar for Free!!

Free money from the girls at - How to get free money -

Ok, not from our personal bank account, but from this super cool website!  And it's totally legit! (We have the proof below!) 

It's a website called  And as soon as you sign up and verify your phone number, they'll send $1 directly to your PayPal account, just for signing up! No strings attached...No joke!

We have proof...right here...

Free Money - -

All you need is a cell phone that can receive text messages and can go online...and a PayPal account.

So why is this company sending me a Free Dollar?!

Well, "FreeEats is a 'pay-you-to-view' mobile phone network," that started in October 2014.  They send you a text message from an advertiser and pay you to either open it, do a short survey, or sign up to be on an email list.  

Look here...

Free Money - -

Each text will explain what you need to do to be paid, from $ .25 on up.

Free Money - -

FreeEats seems to have just taken off recently and sounds like they'll be sending out more texts (and more chances to make money) soon...says a couple recent updates we were sent.

They have already retired their referral program a couple months ago, so that just says they are full steam ahead.

(You use to get $1 anytime someone you referred signed up...bummer we all missed out on that one!)

Now, we don't know if they'll get rid of the $1 incentive any time soon, but we'd sign up, STAT, just in case! 

FreeEats is NOT a great way to make tons of money, as we've been signed up with them for a month, and have only received one opportunity that paid a quarter.  Which, is actually fine with us, because it's free money either way.  It's almost like someone knocks on your door once a month and hands you a quarter.  
"Come and knock on our door!"
It's FREE money, and seriously no effort. 

FreeEats - Free Money - How to Make Money -

We were just informed that they are growing, "which means we will be sending you more messages in the near future." (Says a text they sent a few weeks back)
So, Money Makers, get on it! And get yo' money!

Some things worth noting:

  • FreeEats is only available in the U.S. as of right now.
  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You must have a PayPal account, as that's how they'll pay you.
  • You should receive your payment within 3-5 business days.
  • There are no minimums for a payout, which means you will be paid EVERY TIME you earn it...even if that's just 25 cents at a time. 
  • As always, data and message rates apply.
  • You can stop/cancel your membership at any time just by replying STOP to the sender.

Here's How to do it 

  • Go to
  • Click "Sign Up" and enter your phone number and zip code.
  • Agree to the Terms of Service and Click the "Sign Up" button, below your info.
  • After you receive a text, click on the link they send you to confirm your phone number.
  • And wait for the payment to process and more opportunities to come in a text.

How to Make Money - -

It's obviously not going to bring you tons of money, but hey, a dollar is a dollar! And free is free!
We have a feeling this is gonna pick up soon. 

Let us know if you signed up for your free money, in the comments below!

go getcha money, honey!! 

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