How to get FREE Photo Books, personalized Calendars and more photo gifts!

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Hey Money Makers and Savvy Savers…we’ve got a new group in town…called the Freebie Finders!! And EVERYONE is invited!!

This post is packed FULL of Freebies, including one the girls are giving to you!! so be sure to read till the end!

We love personalized gifts! Especially when it involves photos.  It’s the gift that makes the parents cry on Christmas morning.  The gift that keeps all our best photo memories out of storage boxes and off our computers.  The gift that says, “I made this gift special just for you!” 

And that’s why we love Shutterfly! 

Shutterfly is this amazing site that allows you to customize unique photo gifts, your way.  

We have ordered numerous photo calendars and photo books from this company and have never been disappointed.  

*And we share the secret on how to get FREE Shutterfly items and free Shutterfly money below!*

  **Prices may vary**
**Prices may vary**

  **Prices may vary**
**Prices may vary**

The best thing about Shutterfly is they are ALWAYS having a sale! Even during peak holiday times.  (Although we recommend getting your holiday gifts early when the sales are greater.)

And we have something special JUST for our readers!….

We would love to start you out with your first free 8×8 photo book!


As a bonus, if you’re signed up for Shutterfly’s email list, they’ll send you sales and deals, AND they’ll also send you FREE gifts every once in a while.  This can range from a free deck of cards (with your own pictures) to a free 8×8 photo book.  And just a few weeks ago, they gave us $20 towards ANY purchase of $20 or more.  That’s like free money!! All you have to do is pay shipping. 

We have made so many free photo books and personalized calendars, and ordered lots of almost free ones too.  I once ordered 4 of the same photo books at once, and still didn’t have to pay the full price for any of them.  

Shutterfly’s deals are amazing!
And they have so many more photo gift options…here are just a few examples…

But, wanna know how to get EVEN MORE free items and money towards your Shutterfly purchases?!

Here’s our little secret…


Random, I know! But Kellogg’s sends deals to their members and we typically get about 4 Shutterfly deals a year….at least!

The latest ones we received from Kelloggs were
1. A free 8×8 photo book
2. A $20 Shutterfly Coupon! (again, with a $20 purchase…so free Shutterfly money!!)
(all of these were just paying shipping)


You can still use Shutterfly’s deals ON TOP of these deals.  So, 50% off Shutterfly deals and a $20 coupon…your freebies will go a looooong way!

In the meantime, Kellogg’s Membership Site also has lots of other great promotions all the time, and coupons delivered to your email. They also have a rewards program where you earn points to spend on gift cards or other gifts.  So you may want to check out what else they have to offer while you’re there too.  

Now, not only are you getting amazing deals (and occasional freebies) through Shutterfly, you can get them through as well.

Never pay full price for photo books or personalized calendars again! And if you do it right, you may never have to actually pay for them either. (just shipping)

We think the best way to do this, (and highly recommend), you create your photo project and have it ready and saved in your “projects”, so you can just check out as soon as a sale or freebie comes up. 
Get ahead of the game so you don’t miss out on these freebies just cause you didn’t have enough time to sit down and create your photo project.  It’ll already be sitting in your projects waiting for that freebie code to be entered and shipped!

These are also perfect surprise gifts to mail to friends and family randomly.  That’s my favorite thing to do! Send it when they least expect it.

Last little bonus, since you stuck around…

Shutterfly is also giving away unlimited FREE prints if you have the Shutterfly APP for a limited time…get on it!!

So, get to preserving those precious memories and getting the best gift around.

Talk to you soon, Freebie Finders!! 😉

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