5 Ways to get Free Redbox rentals, and never pay for one again!

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Remember Blockbuster?  Hollywood Video? Movie Gallery?
Friday nights were family movie nights at our house, so we would run to the rental store, sort through multiple options of VHS tapes to find the one we wanted and then we paid $4.99 for a 3-night rental on a New Release Movie.

Obviously those days are long gone and now we have awesome subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Video (Prime and Firestick), Hulu, etc. But if you want new release physical DVD’s or Blue-Ray Discs, you head to REDBOX!

And for a brand new DVD release, you’re now only paying $1.50 a night!  Can’t get much cheaper than that!

Oh wait…Yes you can!!

Redbox has some awesome “membership” deals, where they will email and/or text you codes for a “free DVD night”, “$.75 off your first night rental”, and “rent one, get one free” deals, to name a few.  And it’s super easy to sign up.

Here are 5 ways you can get Free movies!!

1.Redbox Text Club

For Redbox text deals, text “SIGNUP ” to “727272” and they’ll text you deals about once or twice a month. Or Sign up HERE.

2. Redbox Email List

Get on their mailing list HERE and they’ll email you deals and codes about once a week.

The email and text deals are usually for specific days, and sometimes a week night isn’t the best night to try to watch a movie.  But they do have plenty of deals for weekend rentals and those codes usually start on Friday and go through Sunday at midnight.

3. Redbox PlayPass

On top of that, Redbox started their Redbox PlayPass deal, where you rent 10, get one free.  You can sign up HERE.  You can even get a free rental on your birthday, and PlayPass Anniversary!

4. Become their fan on social media

Redbox likes to surprise their followers with special codes, randomly, on their social media pages.
You can follow them here to score even more Freebies!


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Thinking back to those Blockbuster days, where you had to rush to the rental store to drop off your movie in time, before noon, or else you had to pay the late fee….Rest easy now, Redbox-ers cause you have until 9PM the next night to return it.  And you don’t even have to return it to the same kiosk.  Rent from one city, return in another, no big deal!  You can even rent online and go pick up when you can!  There are some codes that are actually only for reserving your rentals online.

5. Check out COUPON DAD!

Wanna watch a movie and no codes are available?  Check out “Coupon Dad”…He keeps all Redbox codes up to date, to get you even more free rentals, and we love him for that!  Just click the link above, and see what codes you can use for tonight!

At $1.50 a night for DVD’s and $2.00 for BlueRays, this deal is hard to beat…with all these freebie ways, its impossible!  Oh yeah, and Redbox has Video Games.  Rent a game for $3 a night.

We were sad to see Blockbuster go, but so stoked to have a way cheaper and easier way to rent movies and for that, Redbox, we’re grateful!!

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