Have a picky eater? Or want to have your kids eat healthier?

Check out these FunBites.

FunBites gives a new take on cutting foods into different, fun shapes. FunBites is so easy to use. You just place the cutter on top of your food of choice, whether it be sandwiches, fruits, veggies, etc. and rock the cutter back and forth while pressing down. Then place the Popper Top to push the food through. The cutter is safe for little fingers, and even the kids can pop out their foods into these fun shapes. You can cut foods into squares, triangles, hearts and more.

FunBites has 10 different varieties, and even has Minions and Paw Patrol themed ones.

No more junk foods just because your kids won’t eat the “boring” healthy foods. FunBites was also featured on “Shark Tank”, and even made a deal!

You can watch that HERE!

Check out FunBites HERE to see all they have to offer.

Perfect present for those little ones on your list!

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