Go2 Towels and Backpacks

We like to go on lots of trips, and we also like saving money.  So, a lot of times, that means packing super light to avoid extra costs for extra carry-on or checked bags. Often times, that means foregoing some things you need to take, and sometimes buying them when you get there.

One of these items we always end up leaving behind and in turn, buying when we get to our destination is our towels.  Towels are way too bulky and take up too much valuable space, so we skip them.  

But now, we’ve discovered Go2Towels, and we will never have to leave our towels at home again!

Go2Towels pack super small and come in a small bag to pack them in as well.  These towels are made of microfiber material and are super fast drying.  It also has an anti-bacterial coating that will keep germs at bay.  This helps prevent, “buildup of bacteria, mold, fungi, and odors.” 

These Go2Towels come in different sizes from Small to Xtra-Large.  So there’s bound to a perfect fit for any activity you are doing. 

Check out all the Go2Towels here.

Go2Products  also has awesome backpacks called the Go2Pak, that folds up small for light travel as well.  Perfect for when you just need a small bag instead of your whole suitcase.  Makes it easy to go on those hiking excursions once you are at your destination. 

These also come in 2 different colors; blue and grey. 

Check out the Go2Pak Here.

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