Growing up with Gerber

Our youngest little girl in the family just turned 6 months old! Crazy how fast these kids grow up. It feels like just yesterday, she was coming home from the hospital.   She is growing so fast, it’s hard to keep up.  She loves crawling and rolling all around the room. And now, she even sits up on her own (even though mom tries to keep her from doing so).   

This little girl is so full of life, and laughter and brings us all so much joy. She is rarely not smiling. And a 6-month birthday just means it’s time to start introducing her to solid foods, and Gerber has partnered with us to do so. We checked out their Gerber Cereals, and are preparing for our little one to start eating solid foods, and it’s important to keep a healthy and balanced diet. That’s why we chose to add Gerber Cereal because it has the iron needed to keep our baby growing as healthy as ever.

The cool thing about Gerber Cereals is that you can mix it with your baby’s own breast milk or formula, which will help with the taste they already know. You can even make it a texture your baby will like, with how much milk you mix in it. That way, you can slowly introduce solid foods to your precious little one.

We also found a little tip…if you use the CartWheel APP from Target, you can save 10% on Gerber Cereals. You know we love deals, so we wanted to share this one with you!

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Target has all kinds of varieties, including:

*Gerber Single Grain Cereal Oatmeal

*Gerber Single Grain Cereal Rice

*Gerber Single Grain Cereal Whole Wheat

*Gerber Multi Grain Cereal

So you can introduce your baby to single or milti grains too. And did you know that not all baby cereals are fortified with iron?? That’s why we trust Gerber Cereals because they are the #1 food source of Iron.

It’s hard when our little ones grow up, sometimes we almost want to stop the process, but we want to make sure she is healthy and happy.  Her first bite of baby food didn’t go so well, and we have funny pictures to prove it…

But she’s ready now, and we know Gerber will be right there with us to keep all these growing memories a possibility.  

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