Hammacher Schlemmer 13-hour Heated Gloves

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*Hammacher Schlemmer was gracious enough to send us this product for free for our review. As always, all opinions are our own, and we really do think this will be a great gift to give your loved ones.

Our family loves going to the snow! I know that sounds crazy for some of you, the idea of “going to the snow”, when you just have loads of it right out your front door for months out of the year. But here in Southern California, we have to seek it out. We love snowboarding. making snowmen, having snowball fights, etc. But of course, on cold winter snowboarding nights, we always feel like our fingers are on the verge of falling off! That is, if we can even feel our fingers. So we were stoked when Hammacher Schlemmer sent us their 13 Hour Heated Gloves!
13 hours! You read that right…13!!

These gloves will be my new best friend on those snowboarding days or chilly football games, or just walking to my car. Ha! I love them that much!

A great thing about these gloves is how you can change the settings for how warm you want them or how long you want that heat to last.
There are 4 settings; 100% will last for 3 hours on 135 degrees F. 75% for 4 hours on 120 degrees F. 50% will get you 6 hours of 105 degrees F. 25% will give you 13 hours of heat on 87 degrees F.
These gloves are awesome! I wore them everywhere on our winter vacation in Iceland!

There was one night, I was snowboarding in Illinois and could not feel my fingers and yet felt pain at the same time and I really wish I had these gloves then. I love knowing I won’t have that problem anymore.

Another great thing about these gloves is how fast they heat up. Just a couple minutes and they’re almost too hot be be wearing indoors. (not hurting hot, just making your palms sweaty.) The battery packs are rechargeable of course, and the charger comes with 2 ends, so you can charge both gloves battery packs at the same time. They battery packs inside the gloves are a little heavy at first, but you get use to it and barely remember they are there.

There’s also an adjustable strap so you can make them tighter around your hands. These gloves are great for anyone who does anything outside in the cold weather. Can’t recommend these gloves enough. They are heavy duty snow gloves, so not just something to necessarily throw on while driving every day…unless you’re like me! 😉

Definitely check them out HERE.

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