HD Mirror Cam

HD Mirror Cam
is everything you need if you want to record stuff going on while you are driving. With a 350 degree rotating camera, you can record at any angle. Behind you, on the sides, or in front. This can really help especially in cases of accidents. You can have recorded proof of what happened, and it can really help you in those sticky situations. This camera easily slips right onto your rearview mirror, and you can start recording in seconds.

You can record up to 14 hours, and it has a built in rechargeable battery. It features an auto ignition start, and can also record on an endless loop. It has motion detection as well, so it could record even while you are out of your car. You can even snap a one touch picture if you need to. Catch the license plate you need, or just photos of the drive.

You can easily turn off the screen as well, and the mirror also has a dimmer on it. It shoots 720 P video, making it crystal clear, and even records great at night. You can save your footage, playback straight from the mirror, or check it out on your computer. We love this device, because we can record road trips as well, and actually use that footage in our vacation videos.

This is such a great idea, and is perfectly legal within the driving laws. You can learn all about it

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