Headlight Restoration – D.I.Y.

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Guys, this one is GOLD!!

Ready for a D.I.Y. Headlight Restoration?!
How to Clean your Headlights that are dingy, foggy, and just plain ugly?!

Here it is!

Do your headlights date your car?  They’re dingy and dirty-looking and make your car look older than it is?  You wash them and they start to look new again, only to dry and go back to foggy?  Ours did! And we tried all the D.I.Y. remedies…to no avail.

  • Dish Soap- Check…didn’t work.
  • Scrubbing with a toothbrush…Nada!
  • Washing the car…duh, we tried this, but…back to foggy!
  • Toothpaste as a cleaner…Ok, with search results and the help of Pinterest, we found some people use toothpaste. Weird, we know, but of course we tried! And sadly, STILL nothing! Maybe a bit cleaner, but that didn’t help with the cloudy or fogginess.

Local service stations wanted to charge $100 to do “headlight restoration” for us…and we came close to just caving in and paying it.

That is until we found this amazing product!!

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We aren’t even being paid by them to review it, that’s how much we loved this product!

It’s called Meguiar’s “Perfect Clarity”, and it’s WAY less than $100! In fact, Amazon has it HERE, for less than $20! And you can use it for ALL of the cars at your house.
For us, that was $100 x 5 cars = $500 vs. a $20 Kit!

And it really is a miracle worker! My headlights were something I started to become self-conscious about…(if it was because of my car, does that make it “car-conscious”? ha!) I didn’t think anything of it, really, until a few friends had mentioned it on separate occasions.  So I started researching.  Clearly just washing my car wasn’t doing the trick.  Found that article on Pinterest stating toothpaste could solve the problem, so I tried and nothing.  Maybe it depended on the type of toothpaste?  3 different types of toothpaste later…still cloudy!

I was ready to just fork over the hundred bucks and call it a day.  But, lucky for me, my very sweet boyfriend surprised me with this amazing product (and even did it for me!).  My headlights had never been so clear!  I was shocked at the results and loved it so much that I went and did the family car, dad’s car and my sister’s car with the same bottles! (Now the other sisters are going to ask me why I didn’t do theirs.)

And I’ve ended up doing 4 sets of headlights (4 cars) and STILL have enough from the same bottle to do more.

It’s been over a year since my headlights were restored, and they still look amazing.

So, how do you do it??

It’s a 2-step process and is actually fairly simple.

The package comes with 3 pieces.

  • A Cleaning Solution (Step One)
  • A Headlight Coating (Step Two)
  • A Cleaning Pad


  • Apply the cleaning solution with the cleaning pad.  Scrub in a back and forth motion until the headlight is covered.
  • Wipe the headlight clean with a rag, and check to make sure there’s a “uniform frosty appearance”. (This is suppose to happen before the magic begins!)


  • Spray the Headlight Coating to “coat the headlight for Gloss, Clarity, and Protection.”
  • Wait 3-5 mins until dry, and spray one more coat to seal.

There are two videos up on Amazon HERE if you want a video of how to.

That’s It! Your car should be looking Crystal clear!

No joke, even my lights were brighter! (enter the “duh” moment here).

After your car is looking all kinds of “brand new”, you’ll want to drive it around to show it off.  And you can read how to Save Money on Your Gasoline HERE!

If you have cloudy, dingy, foggy headlights, definitely try the toothpaste thing first (if that works, you save even more money!)

But if you’re like us, and that didn’t work, seriously, you NEED TO TRY THIS PRODUCT! 🙂

I’m ready to go around cleaning friends cars, cause I love seeing the before and after results that much! (I know, I’m a nerd like that!)

Do it guys, you’ll thank us later!

Click HERE to check it out!

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  1. Great article and information. My dad keeps saying he’ll do it for me, however, he keeps on forgetting. Looks like I found my next project!!

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