Hidrate Spark 2.0

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Are you someone who has problems drinking enough water in a day?  You get busy, forget to drink, and don’t remember until you are parched?  Well, Hidrate Spark is the perfect solution for you! 

Hidrate Spark

Not only is it an awesome, easy to hold, brightly colored water bottle, but it’s a smart water bottle.  It pairs with an APP that you can download on your smartphone, and will keep track of your water intake each day. 

It will then alert you to remind you that it’s time to drink more.  The Hydrate Spark will light up and flash as a reminder.  It will also do a light up dance when you have reached your water drinking goal for the day. 

Keep track of your water intake and get gentle reminders throughout the day to stay healthy and active. 

And it comes in so many awesome colors!  

Get your Hidrate Spark here.

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