Honeycomb Sound Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Honeycomb Sound has a great Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker is unique in that it is in the shape of a honeycomb.

It is portable, wireless, and can connect to your Bluetooth, so you can play music from any of your bluetooth capable devices. It’s easy to stream your personal music, Pandora, radio stations, etc. from your phones or tablets. This speaker is also wireless, so it can be portable and go with you wherever you go. It features multiple inputs so you can plug in your “mp3 music players & drives, DVDs, TVs, gaming consoles, PCs, or go wireless with the latest Bluetooth technology from your smartphones, laptops, and tablets.”

It can pretty much be used as a speaker from any device. And the sounds quality is great. It is such a great gift for your loved ones.

You can also put music on an SD card, and plug it into the back, to listen to music instead of using your devices.

Honeycomb Sound Wireless Bluetooth Speaker comes in silver/white or red/black.

You can check them out HERE.

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