How to Organize Your Home’s Trash Solutions

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*This is a Sponsored Guest Post by Alek Sabin

Families and homes have a tendency to build up trash. That’s simply the nature of a bunch of people living in a place together. Things build up and people move through lots of products and materials. By nature, we tend to be a pretty wasteful species. However, you can simultaneously make your home a neater and reduce the amount of waste that you and your family produce by getting organized and working together. Here are some different ways that you can organize the trash your home produces to be more efficient and less of the filthy animals you know you are!

Don’t throw everything away

The first thing that everyone in your family needs to know is that you shouldn’t throw everything away (by throwing away, we of course mean sending to a landfill). Too often are people’s first instincts to throw an item away, without thinking that there is really anything else they can do! For this reason, it’s important to teach your family, early, about the other possibilities.

Obviously, you can recycle many different materials. Or you can take large items, such as furniture, and donate it to a Goodwill or other type of thrift store. Even rotting food can be put to use, if you know what to do with it! Throwing something in a trash can should be your last resort, when you can’t recycle it, donate it, or put it to further use.

Make use of organic materials

As stated above, that old food on your counter doesn’t have to be tossed into a trash bin. While you don’t necessarily need to feel guilty about throwing away something that is going to decompose, organically, you should be aware of the different ways that you can use those materials.

The most common way that people will use organic materials is to make compost. If you are into gardening or landscaping, compost is a great way to make your soil more fertile, and change the acidity of different parts of your garden to fit the needs of different plants. You can also use various types of garbage, such as newspaper clippings and shredded paper, to make a mulch mix, which also makes more nutritious soil.

Know what you can and can’t recycle

In order to recycle properly, you need to be educated on how to do so. If you begin recycling materials in the wrong way, you could end up contaminating your recycling and making it so that these materials aren’t actually being reused.

To get started, you need to know what exactly your local waste maintenance services are covering, and what they provide, as far as recycling goes. Some neighborhood recycling pickup services won’t take glass, while others will have a separate bin for different types of materials. This can change, radically, depending on where you live. You can get educated, though, by simply calling your local waste management services and asking what they provide. If you want a better idea of how homes and recycling works, check out this nifty guide for residential recycling.

Keep garbage AND recycling bins around the house

If you want the rest of your family to keep up with this garbage organization plan, then you need to find a way to make it convenient for them to do so. The best way to do this is have an ample supply of both garbage and recycling bins around your home that are easily accessible. It’s far too easy for a child to finish a can of soda and simply throw it in the trash, rather than walk down to a home’s lone recycling bin.

Be regular with your garbage schedule

Finally, make sure that you have a clear schedule of when to take out the recycling and garbage. So many families struggle to remember that residential recycling pickups usually happen on a different day than garbage pickups, which means that their recycling cans fill up, which means they opt to throw away more things. In addition, getting on a regular schedule of when to take the trash out in your home maintains cleanliness, and makes it less likely that food will get old and create gnats (or even attract other pests).

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