7 Ways to Show Thankfulness!

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October was all about Pumpkins and Fall, November is all about Thankfulness (and Food!).  Let’s take this month to show the ones we love, the service members of our community, and our awesome friends just how thankful we are! 

Here are some ideas of how to show your Thankfulness.

1.  Write it!  

Do you remember getting letters in the mail?  Away at camp?  In your locker?  Passing them in class?
Notes are an awesome way to show you care and to show you’re thinking of them.  It doesn’t have to be mushy gushy or all lovey dovey, but a genuine note to say, “Hey, I’m thankful for you and what you do!”  Make sure to write out why you’re thankful for them, and what they do. A little note goes a long, long way, and you’ll brighten their day and encourage them to continue being great.  Because when people are appreciative of what you do, it makes you want to keep doing it and go the extra mile.  

2. Phone it!  

Phone calls seem to have gone out of style.  It’s easier to throw out a text, or catch up on Facebook.  But how good does it feel when someone you love calls you for no reason?  Just to catch up and see how you’re doing?  Feels pretty good knowing they care enough about you to take time out of their day to give you their time!  Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.  Tell them how and why you’re thankful they are in your life.  You never know, you may be brightening someones darkest days.  Reach out to show your love! 

3.  Bake it!  

This one is great for our hometown heroes, service workers, or even that friend or neighbor that helps you out here and there.  Bake some cookies, dip some pretzels or fruit in some chocolate, make them some Banana Bread. 

Give it to your Mailman, Delivery Driver, the Crossing Guard at your child’s school.  Take it to the fire house, or sheriff station…tell them you’re thankful for all they do around the community!  Don’t feel like baking is a good idea (some people may question homemade goods), or don’t have time to make something yourself?  Buy some Chocolates, or pre-made cookies, popcorn, or snacks.  Check out our favorite ideas below! 

4. Say it! 

It’s the most obvious one, but the most overlooked.  And the ones closest to us are the ones who need to hear it the most, or are the ones we say it to the least.  Tell your spouse what they mean to you.  Call you parents or siblings and let them know.   Thank your kids for things they’ve been doing.
Telling someone “I’m so thankful for you!”  carries a lot more meaning than a simple “thanks!”, so be sure to really let them know!

5.  Drink it!

Ok, YOU don’t drink it, but they will! Find out your child’s teacher’s favorite coffee or tea, and take one to the school for them.  Bring one in for your assistant, your boss, your co-worker.  Get the handyman a 6-pack (after the job is done! 😉 ), run a Gatorade out to your Amazon Delivery Guy…you know you owe him during this season! 
Just another little gesture of your thanks.  Or give them an awesome mug or cup to drink out of.  Here are some fun ones we love!

6.  Show it!

Another way to show your thankfulness of someone is to show it….”But aren’t all of these ways showing it?”  Well, yes!  But we mean show it in an Act of Service.  Does your wife or husband make dinner every single night?  Make it for them one time!  Do their laundry, wash their car, load the dishwasher! (All the women right now are grabbing their husbands to read this one! …we’ll wait! 😉 )
Give them a foot massage, or neck and shoulders, turn on their favorite show or sports game and sit there and enjoy it with them.  Come up with some idea that is obvious to show you care.  

7.  Shout it!

Brag about them in front of other people.  Did your friend save you when you weren’t gonna make it to pick up the kids on time?  Did your husband fix the leaky sink?  Did your kids pick up their rooms without even being told?…(or sometimes even after being told is a good brag for some kids).  Praise them for it, in front of other people.  They’ll be feeling  lifted up and encouraged and will want to keep being awesome for you! 

We have so many amazing people in our lives and this is the month (if not every month) to show them our thankfulness! 

Here are a few more ideas below:

Get them a  Free Photo Book HERE!
Take them on a Super Fun Rainy Day Date!
Spend quality time with a FREE Movie Night! 


How do you show your loved ones you care?  Let us know below! 

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