How to Have a Robot Do Your Chores!

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Have you ever wanted a Robot Maid, like in
“The Jetsons”?!

Well, technology is not quite there yet, but we’ve found the next best thing, and we are LOVING it!  So much so, we aren’t even being paid to tell you about it.  We just want to help make your lives a little easier, the way it’s helped us! 

We have a baby in our family who is just learning to crawl, and loves being on the floor scooting around all day.  So of course we have to keep our floors super clean.  We also own a German Shepherd who sheds like CRAZY! We were having to sweep the floors two or three times a day.  Until we found this amazing product by iRobot.  
We literally have a robot that will vacuum our floors (hardwood AND carpet) with just a press of a button! How insanely cool is that?! 

AND we found a mop by the same company that will mop your floors at the touch of a button. No more sweeping and mopping for us, and it has been such a huge relief.  Now all we need is a robot car to drive us where we need to go, which we know they’re working on…kinda scary…anyway, back to our robots.   

First the Vacuum…

It is called the iRobot Roomba Vacuum and comes in a bunch of different models. We found This One on sale for $285! And they go up to $800+ depending on the model you choose and what you want it to do. But this particular model does everything we need it to.

All you have to do, is press the “start” button on top, and it will go and vacuum your entire house!   You can even set a timer for when you want it to vacuum, and it will go all by itself and even “dock itself” to go and recharge. 

It’s super easy to clean, and empty.  It works on wood floors AND carpet!  And if we have it upstairs, it will get to the top step, and know it can’t go any further.  It will bump into your furniture and know it needs to turn around.  You can’t even tell we own a dog, when before, you couldn’t walk out of the house without being covered in dog hair.  

We FULLY recommend the iRobot Roomba Vacuum !

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Then We Discovered the Mop! 

iRobot Braava Mopping Robot
works perfectly with the iRobot Vacuum. We run our Vacuum, and then run the Mop, and never have to touch our floors.

The iRobot Mop comes with a navigation cube, and all you have to do is point it towards the room you want it to mop, and it will go mop that room. It does such a great job, keeping our wood floors nice and clean, and the floor even feels clean when walking barefoot.

You can run the mop dry or wet, so it can sweep or mop. It’s super easy to run too. You fill it up with water, and the mop can go and clean all your hard-surface floors.

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If you want to lighten your load and have clean floors all the time without any effort, check out the different Robot Vacuums available, and the Robot Mops! We can’t recommend them enough.

Have any other awesome tools that make your life easier? Let us know below!

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