Is Technology Hurting Your Relationship?

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Sponsored Guest Post By Aurora McCausland

It’s safe to say that everyone in modern society uses technology, constantly. You’re reading this on a computer, phone, tablet, or some other technological device. Most people rely heavily on technology in order to do their work everyday. We spend our lunch breaks glancing at our phone, we scroll while we’re in the bathroom, and the blue glow from our screens is present as we lay in bed at night, too. Technology is amazing, and it’s a wonderful tool when utilized correctly. Technology helps us make connections with people we wouldn’t have met otherwise, helps us keep in touch with friends from High School, and even make our livings. But have you considered that technology could be harmful to your relationships?

How much are we really on our phones?

The average American adult is on their smartphone for over four hours a day. This number increases, of course, if you use your phone for work purposes. No wonder it seems like our phone batteries die so quickly. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with spending this time on our phones, but is it taking you away from time you should be spending with your significant other?

Have you ever been telling your significant other about your day, only to realize they’re scrolling through Twitter, so you slowly just stop talking? If it’s happened to you, it’s very likely it’s happened to them as well without you realizing it. There’s nothing wrong with using our phones and social media, but you shouldn’t be neglecting your spouse for your phone.

Have phone-free time

The best way to remove this obstacle is to have a designated phone-free hour or two, whether that’s right when you get home from work, right before you go to bed, or somewhere in between. That time should be used to spend time together, talk, and enjoy each other’s presence. Just having that dedicated time makes it feel less problematic when you’re both on your phones later. Many families use dinner time to go phone-free and concentrate on each other instead of all the notifications drawing us away from the people who are the most important to us.

Using technology to connect

Technology can definitely have a place in a healthy relationship! It doesn’t have to be something that pulls you apart. There are hundreds of relationship driven apps on the app marketplace… in fact, one of them might have brought you and your significant other together in the first place! Try an app that helps you meet up with other couples for double dates, or a messaging app for sending pictures and messages throughout the day. There are also apps out there to help you get to know your significant other better. They’ll ask you both questions and then it will reveal the answer to your spouse. There are apps like this on almost any topic! This is a fun way to use technology to connect while you’re away from each other.

Use technology for fun together

Technology is not only useful, but it’s fun! You probably already spend most evenings curled up on the couch, watching Netflix together. Although this is simple, this is a way for you to connect at the end of a long day. Another fun way to use technology is to try playing some video games together, or maybe giving VR a try! Virtual reality can be really fun, and a great way to connect over something new. You can purchase all of the equipment to enjoy VR at home, or there are many game centers that will let you come and use their equipment! This can be a really fun date night idea.

Technology is a tool; good or bad is up to you

Technology can be used for a number of different things, and is absolutely not inherently bad. There are so many wonderful things it can be used for, but it can be easy to spend your free time scrolling through social media instead of investing in your relationships. Luckily, it’s not very hard to avert your attention to those that really matter, as long as you can become conscious and spend your time more wisely and with more purpose. If you feel neglected because of technology, let your significant other know, because it’s likely that they weren’t aware that they were making you feel that way.

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