Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Looking for great ideas for kids on your shopping list this holiday season? We have some fun gifts for all ages. We focused a lot on getting kids out and active and away from the screen this year. So our guide is full of lots of games and activities for children of all ages.

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*This post contains affiliate links.  See our full disclosure policy here. We’ve received products in exchange for a chance to be added to our guide. We truly recommend each product below as a great gift for the kids! 

Mindware- Educational Gifts For Kids

MindWare has quickly become one of our favorite places to get the kids gifts. They have a huge selection of educational toys, games, and puzzles, that the kids will love. The chemistry kits were a huge hit at our house. There are lots of different sets where kids can make and create different things. The Volcano Lab, and make your own squishy balls were at the top of our list. The kids in our family also love building things, so we thought the Marble Run set would be a perfect fit. Then we came across these “Dig It Up” Dinosaur fossil kit. You get to dig through these eggs and find dinosaur bones, and play paleontologist. The girls love to help us bake and come up with new special treats, and now they can become the chef with this Playful Chef Kit. MindWare has so many awesome products, it’s worth a look. Check out their website to see all their treasures, and click on the pictures below to get more info!

4 laser guns for amazon black background.jpg

Armogear Laser Tag 4 pack with vests

Laser Tag is always so much fun! We had a blast playing when we were younger, but actually had the opportunity to play a little while back, and had the best adult laser tag game. We loved it so much, that we wanted to grab a pack for us…I mean the kids. Armogear has a 2-pack and 4-pack, so we were way excited to grab this one and introduce the kids to the wonderful world of laser tag. These laser guns have a 150-200 foot range, and even have a night vision flashlight built in. Plus, they come in 4 different colors and have awesome sound effects too. Not sure how much the kids are going to get to play with these, after the adults find them!

Chicco KidFit Zip Booster Seat

In our family, after the kids turn 6-years-old and weigh 50 pounds, it’s time to move them to a booster seat. Our little “K” just turned ‘6’ this month and is so close to 50 pounds. So it’s about time to move her to a Booster Seat. She got to pick out a brand new booster seat. We went with Chicco’s KidFit Zip 2-in-1 Belt Positioning Booster Car Seat. The best part about this seat is, it’s both safe and fashionable. There are many beautiful colors to choose from, the kids get to feel more “grown up”, and they’re still built to be safe and comfortable. This KidFit Zip Booster Seat comes with triple foam padding and side impact protection. It also comes with an extra seat and back cushion for extra comfort, but the cool thing is, it zips off for easy cleaning. You can wash it right in your washing machine! It also has 2 removable cupholders as well that are dishwasher safe. This Booster can convert from a high back booster to a backless booster with ease, so you won’t have to buy another booster seat as they grow. The seat grows with them! Chicco has always impressed us, and we’ll be enjoying their car seats for a long time! Is your child too young for a booster? Check out our review of their NextFit Car Seat here.

Wonder forge Games

Wonder Forge has a group of awesome new games out. Your kids will love playing these games. “The Incredibles Save the Day Game” is a fun game you can play with the whole family. Each player has special powers (just like the movie), and you can use teamwork and problem solving skills to help save the day. Feel like playing the evil villain? “Villainous” turns you into one of six Disney Villains, where “being the bad guy is a good thing!” “Ya Blew It!” is a fun and fast-paced dice game for the whole family. For the older teens on your list, check out “YeahNOPE”. It’s a conversational game that allows you to get to know your friends while sharing your experiences. Wonder Forge has lots of great games available. Click each picture for more info!


Fin Fun Mermaid Tails and Leggings

What do you do when your little girl loves Mermaids and Unicorns? You get her this fun Unicorn Mermaid Tail! Fin Fun has so many great mermaid tails that will transform your little girl into the mermaid she dreams of. They sell both mermaid tails that are just skirts and mermaid tails that you can add a swim monofin as well. So your little one can learn to swim just like a mermaid. They even come in Adult sizes too! Dress up like a mermaid, or swim like a mermaid, you can do both with these cute tails. Fin Fun also has a great line of Mermaid Leggings for the girl on-the-go. You can have scales just like Ariel, and still be able to walk on 2 legs. (They come in adult sizes too!) Don’t forget to check out their Limited Edition and Atlantis tails too! You’re sure to find your perfect fin.



Hoverboards are a fun gift this season, and they are surprisingly affordable. Remember when they first came out, and they were super expensive? Well, now you can score a GoTrax Hoverboard for less than $200! They are so fun to ride, and don’t take too much to learn to ride…And GoTrax even has a Hoverfly ION, which has a self-balancing feature, so it’s easier for the younger kids to ride. This one goes up to 7MPH and can take you up to 4 miles on a single charge. They also come in lots of different colors. And of course, they have the safety features of headlights and tail lights too. This is a super fun gift for the kids on your list.


Nuu Mobile Unlocked Android Phone

It’s that time. Your kids have been begging for a phone, and now they’re at the age where it’s time they get one. Looking for a phone that won’t break the budget? Nuu Mobile has a great option with their Mobile G1 smartphone. It’s a great cost effective phone, but you wouldn’t know it was this affordable after seeing everything that it’s packed with. It runs on the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system, the Go edition. So you can add your Android Go apps to this smartphone and have everything you need. It comes with a battery that can help your battery last for a good while. The G1 can run for longer than a full day with just one charge. Even when you’re gaming, watching videos, talking on the phone, etc. That means you can use it for “9 hours of games, 15hrs of video, 17 hrs of social media, 20 hrs of ebook use, 50 hrs of talk, 120 hrs of recording and 160 hrs of music on one charge.” This is a great phone for a great price! And, as an added bonus, all Nuu Mobile phones come with a free case! It’s kind of a no-brainer with this one.


Magformers- Sky Track Play 44Pc SeT

Magformers has so many great sets for your builder kids. We loved this 44-piece Sky Track Play Set. It’s a fun modern twist on a train set. This Sky Track can go around loops, twists and turns, and goes up and down. It has a 360 spin and even uses the lift elevator. Magformers works with magnets when you’re building, so they click together and hold well. You can even stack and store the pieces easily. This set has 44 colorful, geometric pieces including track accessories, a sky vehicle, and an idea booklet as well. So your kids can get creative and build what they want. It even works with all other Magformer pieces as well.

Your kids will love getting creative and building this fun Sky Track. Recommended for kids ages 3 and up.


Spin Master toys - Hatchimals, TechDeck, Kinetic Sand

Spin Master has so many great brands that your kids will love. Hatchimals are always a favorite in our family. It’s always fun to open a little surprise and see what’s inside, which makes these Hatchimals CollEGGtibles such a great gift. It comes with 4 eggs the kids can crack open and see their favorite Hatcnhimal surprise. The Kinetic Sand line has always been a good time for the kids…ok, and the adults too. Your kids can play with sand without it getting all over the house. You can shape and mold it to create anything you can imagine. And, it never dries out! Grab the Beach Day Fun kit, and you’ll be building sandcastles in no time.
Last but not least, there’s TechDeck. TechDeck is a fun line of mini skateboards and accessories. You can wheel them around with your fingers and learn new tricks. They have lots of accessories to go with them, and you can even build your own skatepark with all the ramps and rails, etc.


Jenga® GIANT™ JS7 Hardwood Game

What’s better than playing Jenga?! Playing Jenga Giant! This classic game goes to new heights… it’s starts at 2 feet high, and you can stack it to over 5 feet high. This set is from the makers of Jenga, so you’re getting the real deal! This Jenga Giant is great for the outdoors, and at any party. It comes with 54 pieces to stack, and each block is over 14 times the volume of a Classic Jenga® block. It comes with Jenga SPORTS Tournament Charts for competitive play, and also a heavy-duty bag to place all the pieces in for easy carrying. They also have a Jenga XXL game that is made of cardboard pieces and can stack to over 8 feet tall. Don’t ask us how you add your pieces to the top! If you’re looking for a fun game for your kids to enjoy over and over, check out this Jenga Giant game. They’ll have a blast trying to see how tall they can make it!


TURBO-X Drone-The Grommet

So your child wants a drone? This Turbo-X Drone is the perfect start to drone flying. It’s a mini drone, that has a lot to show off. It’s a little more than an inch and a half around, but it has a lot of awesome tricks up its sleeves. Turbo-X Drone has a pre-programmed 360-degree 3D rolls and flips algorithm, so you’ll look like a professional drone pilot with ease. It takes 20 minutes to charge, and gives you 5-7 minute flight time after each charge. It can also fly up to 30 MPH! It has 3 speeds to get you ready to fly the drone, and is an outdoor drone only. If your child wants a drone, this is the perfect, budget-friendly option with some really cool tricks.


FlyBar Swurfer Kick and pogo Sticks

Flybar is a great company that has a line of fun childrens activity equipment like skateboards, trampolines, pogo sticks, and so much more. One of our favorites was this Swurfer Kick Stand Up Tree Swing. It’s a tree swing that you can actually stand on and “surf” the air. It’s made of durable plastic and can hold up to 150 pounds. Its easy to set up in your tree and comes with “20 feet of double braided, UV and mildew resistant rope, and set of handles.” You can also get it in 3 different colors. This Swurfer Kick is sure to bring lots of outdoor fun to your kids.

We of course also had to order a Pogo Stick. Flybar has so many different types of pogo sticks, from automatic ones that will count your hops, to foam ones for your smaller children. Flybar has a pogo stick for everyone in the family! Check them out below!


Thomas & Friends Big Loader, Sodor Delivery Set

A train set is always a safe bet when it comes to the little ones, and a Thomas & Friends Train Set is an even better idea. This set comes with over 8 feet of track, Thomas the engine, and 2 of his friends. It’s fun to build and play. This set runs on 1 AA battery. So the trains will go on their own. TOMY also has some other awesome games like the Fizzy Dizzy Hippo, where you press down on the soda can while he drinks, and sings a silly tune, and when he’s had enough, he will let you know it! Phil the Fridge has a different spin on the shapes game, where Phil will spin around, and when he stops, the kids try to put in the matching shapes quickly. Click on the pictures to see more info!




KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer

TOMY doesn’t just have toys for younger kids…they have this awesome Smartphone Picture Printer called KiiPix. How many times have you wished you had your pictures from your phone printed? This printer allows you to print pictures straight from your smart phone in a snap! Just place your phone inside on the screen, push the button, and turn the knob. You’ll have your favorite pictures printed out on photo paper, right from your smartphone! It’s as easy as 1-2-3. And it comes in 3 different colors; blue, pink, and black. Start getting your photos off your phone and on your walls or fridge or notebook or desk or…the options are endless!


Lorena Canals Washable Rugs

Are you decorating your baby’s nursery or toddlers room? Maybe you’re just looking for a new rug for your common areas? Lorena Canals has an awesome line of machine washable rugs. Seriously! No more worrying if your baby is crawling on your floor and you haven’t washed the rug in a while. No more long hard process to wash the rugs in your home. These rugs are so easy to clean, (just throw in your machine washer and you’re done) and they make any room look beautiful and put together. They are completely handmade, and made of 100% natural cotton and non-toxic dyes. These rugs are extremely light but still durable. We love the large area rugs (Washable Rugs Air) like the one pictured, but Lorena Canals has many different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns to choose from. Beautiful Rugs, Eco Friendly, AND easy to wash?! You’ll wish all your rugs were as good as these!

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 1.23.43 PM.png

RoosterFin Games

Games are always a good idea for a kid’s present. Not only are they fun and entertaining, but they can be educational too…just like this Monkeys Up game. Your child will work on their math skills with this one. Looking for a family game night? You’re going to want to check out Ninja Squirrels or Rooster Race. We are loving RoosterFin’s Best Game Bundle, which includes all 3 games!

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 1.24.16 PM.png


We love products that have a dual purpose. Stuff ‘n Sit is just that. This is a storage bag for stuffed animals, and can be used as a bean bag chair when it’s full. Getting your kids room organized and having a fun place for them to sit? Win-win. These Stuff ‘n Sit’s come in Large and Extra Large, and you can choose the color and pattern to match their room. Choose from; BLUE POLKA DOT, CORDUROY, GREEN AND WHITE STRIPE, GREY AND WHITE STRIPE, GREY FLORAL, or PINK AND WHITE STRIPE. Open the bag up, fill with stuffed animals, blankets and/or pillow, zip it up and sit. Perfect organizer turned bean bag chair. It’s basically a present for mom and the kids!


Banana Shaped Phone

This is actually a real handset phone. This Banana Shaped phone connects to Bluetooth and works just like your phone would. You’ll get lots of laughs walking around talking on your banana phone. It connects any iPhone or Android device, and you can use Siri or OK Google to dial. It’s wireless and one charge can last for 10 hours of talk time, and 70 hours idle. It comes with a cable to charge with micro USB. The adults will love this, just as much as the kids. And it’s a perfect White Elephant gift! Go get those laughs!

Blue Orange Games

Heres another great company that has lots of fun games…and all types. Brain games, sports games, family games, card games, travel games, party games, and more. And they have a product for every age group. SlingBall is one that will be very popular at our house. We always love fun sports games to play outdoors, and SlingBall will be perfect. A great gift to get the kids outside and away from their video games and devices. Of course we always love to teach the kids strategy games, so Zero Down was a great pick. They have to work with numbers, and strategize to win this game. Looking for a fun family game? Check out Dr. Eureka, you’ll be having a challenging, brain teasing time! For the younger kids, we choose the Tell Tale Fairy Tales, where your kids can become story tellers and create their own story to share with the cards. And then there’s Cup of Bluff for the older kids. Roll the dice, count your number, and decide if you’re going to tell the truth or try to bluff. Blue Orange has so many awesome games, that we haven’t even scratched the surface. Click the button below to see all of them, or click on the pictures to see our top picks!


Buckle me Baby Coats

If you’ve ever had to put a child in a car seat during the winter, when they have their huge coat on, you know it can be such a hassle. We have to take the coat off, buckle them up, then quickly cover them up again. Buckling babies in their puffy coats isn’t very safe, so Buckle Me Baby Coats came up with the perfect solution…a coat that works with car seats! Simply unbutton and unzip, snap the buckle with the harness across your baby’s chest, and lay the jacket back over the buckle to stay warm. It is made with soft winter fleece to keep your babies nice and cozy. And it comes in lots of different, bright colors! Save yourself time and hassle, and keep your babies warm with Buckle Me Baby Coats!

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 9.19.49 PM.png


Looking for a great STEM game for your kids? This Chess game is more than just playing chess. It’s playing Chess, with lasers! Add a little extra thinking in to this game, and position the mirrors properly, so you can laser beam your opponent. A fun new spin on a classic game. Shadows in the Forest is another great strategy game for the kids. This game is unique in that, it is played in the dark. Use the lantern to light up the board, and opponents try to move their pieces to not be seen in the light. You have to think ahead and be ready for the next move. Cat Crimes will put your kids brain to work, while they try to figure out which cat is responsible for each cat crime. You are given clues to figure out where each cat was sitting, in order to decide who committed the crime. Click on each photo for more info, or see all Think Fun games below.



Remember Slap Bracelets? Well, they’re making a come-back and they are better than ever! Watchitude has a whole line of slap bracelets, but they’re not just bracelets. They have slap watches, slap fuzzy bracelets, and slap charm bracelets too. The kids in our family are learning to tell time, and they love wearing watches, so these are perfect. They even have an activity tracker watch for kids. All these slap bracelets with an extra pop. No more plain slap bracelets, Watchitude has you covered with style. Your kids will have the coolest wrist accessories on the playground.


Goliath Games

Goliath has great games not just for kids, but for the whole family as well. You’ll have a blast during family game night with these games. Tick Tock Boom is great game to exercise your word knowledge, as you’re under a time pressure. Pass the timer around, and yell out a word that starts with the letters on the card. Googly Eyes is a funny game where you have to draw the clue and get your teammates to guess…but the twist is, you have to wear googly eyes, that will make your vision wacky! i-top is a fun game for the kids. They’ll work on their skills of spinning a top, while the top counts the spins. Stuff Happens is a game where you have to rank very unfortunate stuff that happens, and decide which is worse. Goliath Games doesn’t just have board games however. They have an awesome product called the Rocket Fishing Rod, which helps kids go fishing, without the mess of tangled lines while they try to cast. Check out all of Goliath Games below.

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