Kiss Naturals D.I.Y. Kits

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When we were younger, some of our favorite gifts were the D.I.Y. kits. So we are so excited to tell you about this awesome company called Kiss Naturals, who makes tons of awesome D.I.Y. kits.

D.I.Y Lip Balm Kit

Our girls love their lip balm. Especially the flavored kind. So this Lip Balm Kit is a favorite, of course. This kit contains 6 lip balm containers…3 twist up tubes, and 3 jars…Safflower, Bees Wax, Shea Butter, 1 measuring cup, 1 spoon, and 2 flavors. You can make your all natural lip balm with your own flavor, and pick your own container. The kids will love creating their own lip balm from this kit.

Lava Lip Gloss

This Lava Lip Gloss kit is such a blast! These lip glosses are a bit different than the Lip Balm kit. These are made of natural oils, to keep your lips shiny. It is inspired by the 60’s, with a brightly colored, independently flowing blob of glycerine color, making the two layer move around together, but never mix. This kit makes 6 roll-on applicators, and includes Safflower Oil, Castor Oil, 3 Colored Glycerines, 2 flavors, and a measuring cup. You can create lots of different varieties with this kit. The girls love it!

Bubble Bath

This Bubble Bath kit is also made of all natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals or artificial colors or fragrances. Your kids will have fun creating their own foamy bubble bath. This kit includes 4 bottles, 4 oz. of Bubble Bath solution, 2 natural fragrances, glycerine based colorant, and a mixing spoon. Next time your kids take their bath, they’ll love that they created their own bubbles.

Glycerine Soap

And while their at it, in their Bubble Bath, the kids can use their new homemade Glycerine Soap from this kit. This kit will be super fun for the kids to create all kinds of different shaped soaps, with different scents as well. They can make up to 16 different soaps! This kit contains 5.6 oz of Glycerine Soap, a silicone mold that features 4 different shapes, 2 natural fragrances, 2 mica based colors, a measuring/heating cup, and a mixing spoon.
The kids can make soap shaped like flowers, teddy bears, butterflies and hearts…in blue and pink! So much fun letting them be creative and picking their different options. Definitely a family fav.

Bath Fizzie

Make bath time a fun time with these Bath Fizzies. This kit is a fun and unique D.I.Y. project. You put the bath fizzles in the bath, and watch them fizz. The fizz is made from the same stuff that make your fizzy drinks fizz… baking soda! This kit contains 3.6 oz of Fizzie “Secret Formula”, Witch Hazel, a Silicone Mold, fragrance, a mixing spoon, and a measuring cup. This kit can make 8 heart shaped pink fizzies.

Hair Chalk

This kit is a fun D.I.Y. coloring hair kit with hair chalk! It contains 6 pouches of hair chalk mix, 6 disposable moulds, purified water, measuring cup, and a mixing paddle. So you can make 6 different hair chalk colors. This chalk washes out easily, so is perfect for a one-day use for girls who don’t want permanent hair color. This color has a natural glittery sheen to make your hair pop with beautiful colors.

You can check out all of these fun D.I.Y. kits and more from Kiss Naturals

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