Kitty Club and Zomlings

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WhatNot Toys has a great line of boys and girls collectible toys.

First, for the girls, they have a line called the Kitty Club.

Each Kitty is a mystery in these single pack toys, and each comes with a hat to fit right on your new kitty. The hats can also be interchangeable between all your different kitties. You can also buy your own specific kitty, with an accessory set. The kitty’s are all velvety, soft fabric, and their eyes blink too! Each pack contains one figurine, one hat, a collectors card, and a mini poster. Fun collectibles for the kids. Our girls are loving their new kitty’s and hats.

What Not Toys is also launching a new add-on to this collection with the Kitty Club purses/carriers. These were just released in a few areas, but you can find yours HERE.


What Not Toys also has a similar idea for their Zomlings line. They have these secret mystery packs, where you won’t know which character you get until it is opened.

There are over 100 Zomlings to collect. These are little squishy figurines that look like a zombie version of the animal you get. You can also get them with their collectors house or towers. These toys are all super fun for the kids and great collectors items for them as well.

And again, Kitty Club is also introducing a new line of purses that are sure to be all the rage in the new year. So be on the lookout for those. Only available at specific retailers now.

Check all the WhatNot Toys HERE.

Zomlings HERE.

Kitty Club HERE.

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