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Hello you worldly travelers!  Oh, is this post for you!

We stumbled into this great website that can help you save lots and lots of moolah when booking your flights to your next adventure.  It’s called, and it works as your own personal travel agent.  Here’s our review…

Cheapest flights…IF you’re flexible!

The thing that sets Kiwi apart, is they will create a flight itinerary specific to your needs.  The perfect flight is way cheaper out of Montreal to Iceland, but you’re in Chicago?  Kiwi will put together flights that can get you to your destination the cheapest way possible, and yes, this means layovers.

We used to book our trip to Iceland this winter, and saved loads of money.  We flew from Chicago, to Montreal, and then on to Reykavik and paid half the price of the straight shot to Iceland, saving us about $600 a ticket.  (We went on a holiday, so prices were a bit more expensive overall.)

Flight Delay Guarantee

Kiwi has a flight delay guarantee as well, and we unfortunately had to use this option…more than once.  We had a crazy time getting home from Iceland.  We missed our connecting flight due to a delay from Iceland to Canada, and since our connecting flight was on a different airline, the new airline could care less, and said they were not responsible for the missed flight. Sad face!

If we had booked on our own, we would be out the money and have to pay for a new flight, but thanks to the kiwi guarantee, they were able to fix it for us on their dime.

  How to Save Money on your Budget Flights!

Our Terrible Experience

We always want to be completely honest with our readers, so we do want to note that we actually had a horrible time trying to get home after our missed flight.  Kiwi took forever getting us a flight, and we ended up staying the night at a hotel and waiting up to see what time our flight would be the next morning.  We were super frustrated and didn’t have the best experience with the system, but the good news was that it was all paid for by Kiwi.  The bad news, it took them forever.

 Look how many tickets we had for just ONE flight!  Look how many tickets we had for just ONE flight!

We finally got on a flight the next morning, only to be told at the gate that it was delayed as well, and then finally cancelled.  Had to go through Kiwi again and try to have them get us a flight, and after much frustration, we booked one ourselves (which you are allowed to do and be reimbursed through their guarantee, you just have to read the fine print…we didn’t know this at the beginning, or else we would’ve just booked our own flight.)

…And Why We’ll Book with Them Again…

Long story short, the Kiwi guarantee had some kinks to work out, as they are newer to this, and the manager assured us, we had an odd case.  That being said, having the financial problem be on them rather than us, makes me decide I would use them again in the future.  We were reimbursed the price of the flight, hotel room, and a little money for food (not much).  But because of all that, throughout the frustration of it all, we were still able to save all that money we would’ve had to spend to fix this mess.

Next Time…

Our advice?  Pick the longer layover in case!  You can even just book a straight shot through Kiwi… OR, use Kiwi to find the flights and then book them through the actual airline (you lose your guarantee this way, in case you miss a flight that wasn’t through the same airline as the first flight).  But whatever way you decide to do this, we definitely think is something worth checking out…even if you just use it for ideas of flights or more like a search engine.

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